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The 'Tippee' is a sign of nasal sound in Gurmukhee script. It is written above the consonant. The underlined N (N) has been used for its transliteration.

Words with 'Tippee'

Consonants and vowels Punjabi word Transliteration Meaning
RANG colour
KANDH wall
MANDH demand
DAND teeth
VAND distribution
PANKH wing
DAND punishment
DANG amazed
DHHANG manner/style
DANN fine
RANJ grief/sorrow

More words with 'Tippee'

Consonants and vowels Punjabi word Transliteration Meaning
SANGAM junction/union
SANBHAV possible/probable
KANKAR pebble/gravel
KANGAN* bracelet/bangle
KANBAL blanket
KHANJAR dagger
KHANDAN denial
CHANDAN sandalwood
JANGAL jungle/forest
SANSAD parliament
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