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Sikh Matrimonials

Sikh Matrimonials
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Sikh Matrimonials



Punjab Martyrs

Martyrs of Punjab:SUKHDEV


Son of Ram Lal, Sukbdev was born at Lyallpur (Now in Pakistao)~ He was an active member of the Revolutionary Party in Lahore and a close associate of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Like Bhagat Singh, he helped a lot in organizing revolutionary cells in the Punjab and outer areas of North India. He was privy to the plot of shooting which resulted in the death of Saumlees, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Lahore on December 17, 1928.
He was arrested at Delhi on April 15, 1929 after the bomb explosions in the Central Legislative Assembly Hall by Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dam He was tried as one of the principal accused in the Second Lahore Conspiracy Case and was srntcooed to deaUL He was hanged in the Lahore Jail on March 23, 1931 along with Bhagat Singh and RRjgwt.

Martyrs of Punjab:Bhagat Singh


Bhagat Singh

He belongs to the front rank of Punjabi heroes martyred for the cause of national movement. He was the scion of a Saadhu Jat family which originally resided in the village Khatkar Kalan in District Jullundur but. at the time of Bhagat Singh's birth, wits settled at the village Bangs (Chak No. 105) in District Lyallpur. He was born on September 27, 1907. His grandfather Arjan Singh, his father Kishan Singh and his uncle Ajit Singh were all well-known for their advocacy of reforms and their revolutionary activities. His mother Vidya Vati had the reputation of being a pious and devoted woman. Professionally, his father was en insurance agent, incharge of the Punjab branch of the Industrial-Prudential and Wulhan Insurance Company.
Bhagat Singh received his early education at the primary school in his village. Having passed the fifth class examination front that school, he joined the D.A V. School, Lahore in 1916. Here he came into contact with some well-known political leaders of his time. namely Anand Kishore Mehta, Lala Pindi Das, Sufi Amba Parsad, Lala Lajpat Rai, Ras Bihari Bose, etc. Kartar Singh Sarabha's supreme sacrifice and the proceedings of the Lahore Conspiracy Case left a deep impact on his sensitive mind. A similar effect was produced on him by the Jallianwala Ragh Tragedy (1919) and the Khilafat Movement. In response to Mahatma Gandhi's call for noncooperation in 1921, Bhagat Singh left his school and joined the Nations College. newly opened at Lahore. At this college which was a centre of revolutionary activities, he cane into contact with revolutionrics such as Bhagwati Charan. Sukhdev, Ranbir Singh, Ram Kishan and Tirth Ram.

He passed his F.A. examination bus left his studies while he was a B.A. student- He went to Kanpur early in 1924 where he met Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, B.K. Dun, Chander Shekhar Arai and some Bengali revolutionaries. He row became member of the Hindustan Republican Association formed by the revolutionaries of Uttar Pradesh and was initiated into revolutionary activities,

On the request of his father, He returned to lahore ray in 1925. On reaching his village, he arranged for the reception of an Akali Jatha which was on its way to Jaito Morcha. Thercafter,He worked for a newspaper of Delhi, Vir Arjan but only fur about five or six months. He returned to Lahore and joined the Kirti Kisan Party founded by Sohan Singh Josh and Santokh Singh Shortly after. in association with other revolutionaries, he founded a new association known as Nau Jawarn Bharat Sabha, with himself as its Secretary.

In October, 1927 Bhagat Singh was arrested for his objectionable activities and was bound for Rs. 60,000. In July 1928 prominent rcvolutiorauics of India decided to accentuate their activities and held a meeting in September 1928 at Kotla Feroz Shah in Delhi. Bhagat Singh was race of the key figures in this meeting. When the country was in the trip of 'Simon, go bac agitation, lain Lljpat Rai organised a procession to register the protest of Lahore people against the Simon Comsnissiun. Bhagat Singh and his co-workers marcbod in the (ore¬front of this procession. The brutal attack of the police on Lain Lajpat Rat caused his death on November 17, 1928. The whole of the Punjab was in rage at the death of their beloved leader and Bhagat Singh determined to avenge his death by shooting Scott and other British officials responsible fee this foul deed. He shot down Assistant Superintcr4cnt Sounders mistaking him for Scott and making a dramatic escape from Lahore travelled to Calcutta in the guise of a rich man acconpsnied by his wife and a servant.

After some time. he left Calcutta and established a bomb factory at Agra. Having no faith in Gandhijis nonviolence, the nevohnionaries decided to attack the attention of people by throwing bombs in the Central Assembly Hall. In pursuance of this decision Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dull threw two bombs while the Assembly was in session. Bhagat Singh was arrested on the spot
D,sring his trial. Bhstynt Singh refused to employ any defence counsel. In the Jail, he went on hunger strike to secure humanitarian treatn,er.t for fellow-political prisoners. Bhagat Singb along with Sukh Den an4 Raj Guru was awarded death sentence by a special tribunal on October 7, 1930. Despite great popular pressure and numerous appeals by pnlitical leaders of India, Bhagat Singh and his associates were hanged in the early hours of 23rd March, 1931. Their bodies were cremated on the bank of the Sutiej in Fcrozcpur. Then he was Just 23 years 5 months and 27 days old, but when he died be had lived lung enough to become a legend. a symbol and a source of inspiration for all future freedom-tighten of India.

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Martyrs of Punjab: Jawala Singh ( Baba)


Jawala Singh ( Baba)

He was born in village Thatian, District Amritsar, sometime during the sixties of the nineteenth cenhuy, His father was a small land-owner and the family eked out their living with great difficulty. Like many other daT°ng Punjabi peasants of those days, Jawala Singh proceeded abroad in search of better ocooomic prospects. He left India in 1905 and went to California via Chivy Panama and Mexico. Reaching there he purchased a Piece of land and started farming in collaboration with Baba Wasakha Sam. After he had been in California for a few years be realized together with some other Sikh settlers the urgent need of having a cultural centre where they could moat occasionally and discuss matters of common interest. For this purpose a guadwara was built in Stockton. which subsequently became a centre of revolutionary activities.

The freedom and liberty that people enjoyed in America created a deep impression upon his young mind and with a view to making his own countrymen imbibe that spirit, he invited four students from India to study there and all their expenses were net by hum His patriotic spirit canted him great popularity and he was elected President of the California Branch of the Indian Association, the fast organization that had been set up by the Indian settlers over there to guard their mteredts.'Ihe inhuman and discriminatory treatment meted out to them by the natives and the unsympathetic attitude adopted by the British Indian Government in the matter created a powerful feeling in the minds of Jawala Singh and his friends that the root cause of all their troubles and hardships. was their political subjection. Once this feeling was born, the timely outbreak of the First World War created the necessary opportunities to strike a blow for the attainment of their objective. Taking advantage of the favourable turn in the situation. Dabs Jawala Singh, Baba Wasakha Singh, Baba Sohan Singh tmakns and Lala Hardyal toured the Pacific Coast impressing upon their people the urgent need of a powerful political organ to bring about a revolution in India. The new organ that thus came into being was the famous Ghadr Party with the Gha& paper as its vehicle of political propaganda.

The main aim of the party being to organize at armed rebellion in India, several batches of revolutionaries were sent to India. Baba Jawala Singh was one of the principal leaders of the first big batch which left San Francisco for India on August 29, 1914 by the ship called Korea. From Hong Kong a new ship Tosha Mans was hired for the onward journey to India. At Singapore Jawala Singh and sonic other leaders tried to win over the loyalty of Indian regiments and to incite them for a national revolt against the British, but not much success was achieved.

As soon as they landed at Calcutta, most of them were arrested including Baba Jawala Singh and all their plans were frustrated. In 1915 the Baba was tried in the First Lahore Conspiracy Case and was sentenced to life imprisonment Ile remained in Jail for 18 years and was released in 1933. When he was serving his term in the Andaman islands, he went on hunger-strike against the in human treatment of prisoners by the authorities.

After 1933 he identified himself with the cause of peasants and workers and worked for the Punjabi paper Kirti which voiced their grievances. For his new activities he was rearrested in 1935 and sentenced to one year's imprisonment. But this did not affect his veal and he continued his work as usual When he was on his way to Bengal to attend a session of the All-India Kisan Conference, he met an mysterious accident on the way and died in 1938. His whole life was a life of dedicatton to the national cause

Martyrs of Punjab


BABU KHAN : b. v. Adii Kular, p.o Ackki, dl. lalhindtn;;ofned I.N.A_ as sepoy. was killed in action.
BABII RAM : p. Daltendu Ram; b. dt. Hoshiarpur; served I.A. as sepoy Npo. 16337 in 1113 F.F. Rifles:joined LN.A. anti fought against the British; died in 1'9.4 m Singapore Hospital.
BABI' RAM : p. Kirpa Ram: h. 1899, Darn.,-Baharian, Ktacht Tae K9 6A Arnritsar; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bugli. Amrit ar on 13 April. 1919.
BABU RAM : p. Sita Rain; b. v. Tehka Kotu, p.o. Mehldin, L Gopipt, dt. Karga; joined IN A.: believed to be killed in action
BACHAN SINGH : p. Gokal Sin h: b. v. & p.o. Ugguke, I. Barnala, dl. S ngrur; served I A. for 14 years; served I.N.A. for 3 )cars and was killed in action.
remaired under detention for 9 months; d. in Nabha lail in 1924.
BACHAN SINGH : p. Clde Singh. b. v. & p.o. Mullanpur, dt. Ludhiana; coritributed 2 lorries to the I.N.A.; joined LN.A, in 1943 as n Driver; died in action in Mnndlay.
BACHAN SINGH : b. 1896, v. & p.o. Chidraruli, dt. Iudhiana; worked a watchman in cotton mill in Shinghai; sensed LN.A.; d. in Sinfapre.
BACIIAN SINGH : h. v. & po. Dhariwal, dl. Gurdaapur,joined I.N.A.: was killed inaction.
BACHAN SINGH : b. Y. Hariwal, p.o. Ikra Dabs Nanak, dl. Gurdaspur. joined l.\A. as sepoy; was killed in action.
BACHAN SINGH : b. s. Latala, dt. Ludhiana: was Jem. in III I Sikh Refit. of l.A.; joined LN.A.; was air dropped in India 1942; face is nee kno•,sn
BACHAN SINGH : b. v Loba Khera, dt. Iloshiarpur, took part in Guru Ka Bagh blorcha; joined Babbar Akali P rty and murdered B. T. the Superintendent of Police, who was responsible for beating and torturing the peaceful agitators of Guru Ka Dagh Morcha: was arrested and sentenced to death_
BACHAN SINGH : b. v. & p.o. Narli, dt. Lahore: joined 1N A. ns LiNK; was killed to action.
BACHAN SINGH : b. v. Nawan Pind Dona, p.o. Pin Donawala, dt. Julluniut; joined I.N.A. as NK; was killed in action.
BACIIAN SINGH : h. v. & p.o. Tibba, dt. Kapurthala; was sepoy in Kapunhala Inf., joined I.N.A. as NK, in 1st Guerrilla Refit.; was killed in action m August, 1944 at Lalahua.
BACIIAN SINGH : b. Patsala: was in LA, in S & M Coy, joined LNA. as scpuy in 1st Fnge. Coy, :%-as killed in action.
BACHITAR SINGH : p. Gangs Singl and Tej Kaur. b. Y. & p.o Khern Nurse, dt. Amritsar; killed in firing in Qissa Khan Bazsr, Peshawar on 31 May. 1930.
13ACHITA R SING" : p. SUndar Single: b. 1876; joined Shahidi laths to Nxr+,-'u Sahib; was killed at Nankana Sahib, 1921.
BACHrrAR SINGH ; b. v. Favala, dL Jullundur, took part in Nankana Sahib agitation and died,
BAD LU RAM : p Duni Rain; b. 1923. v. & p.o. Sockhi. t. Hansi, dL Htssar;joined l.A., 1938: served as Wit No. 5516; taken P.O.W. by' the Japanese, 1942: joined LN.A. as Scpoy in 1943; d. in action on Imphal front, 1944,
BA DI.U RAM : p. Kesho Ram and Boojia b. v. & p.o. Dighal, T. Jhajjar.
dt. Rohtak; served LA. as W.C No. 836 in 219 Jai Regt.;jp6W LN.A. in 1932; d. in action in July 1945.
BAGGA SINGH : p. Ganpa Smgh &; Malhan: b. 1893; Nizienpur, De, ~ Singh Wala. Chnk No. 38, RzkJh Branch. t. & dt. Shetkhuptre 4 literate; took part in Narskana Sahib Morcha; tortured to dp4 on 21 February, 1921.
RACGA SINGH : p. Hire Singh; b. 1913, v. & p.o. Tarstaka. (ft. Arn n .
Joined 9th Jatha to Jake, Moreha and was sentenced to 1 . y,e1ei
imprisonment: died in Nabha Jail, 1925.
BAGCA SINGH : p. Madan Siti h: b. 1918. v. DanEon, p.o Pakhowak,, & dt: Ludhiana: served I.A, as NK. No. 21141: joined I NA, is 1942; d in action at Imphal.
BAGCA SINGH : b.v. Barnarpur. p.o. Be Khard. dt. LutJT1iana;joirnd
I.N.A. as NK: was killed in action near'faniu
BAGCA SINGH : b. Y. Dabota, p.o. Nalagarh, dt. Simla; joined I.N
was killed in action¬
BAGGAL SINGH : p. Rssba Singh: b. 1893, v. Narampura, Dewa Wala, Cln k No. 38, dc Shesichupura, was killed to Na skaoa tiring.
BAGHER SINGIJ : b. v. Mallan, dt. Ferorepta;jooted 1.A as Scpoy 1.5851 in 611 Pb. Regt.; served LN.A. from I5 February, 1942 1944; died in action in Burma Front.
BAIIADUR SINGH : p. Booty Singh; b. Kot Dhandnl. p.o. Kot T Mal, t. & dt. Gurdaspu: cd literate; was a Civ. in Sinew joined I.N.A in 1943; served as NK.; taken P.O.W. by the Br detained in Rangoon Jail for 7 months; d. Dec. 1946 in Am Hospital.
BAHAUUR SINGH : p. Mehanga Sitsgh: b. v. Malliana, P.O. B Kalan, t. Muga. dt. Fcrozepur; served LA. for 4 years as No. IS0801 in the S+I I Sikh Regt.;joined LN.A, on 9
1942 and served upto 1946 with the Subbash Brig.; was killed action on the lntphal Front.
BAHAUUR SINGH : b. v. Bhall Pind, dt. Amritsaa; joined 9th Jade Jaito Mercha and was arrested; d. in Nabha Jail.
BAHADUR SINGH : v. Waradi, p.o. Bira, do Amritsar, jn rwd I.N.A. Sepoy, died in Maymyo Hospital.
BAKSHA RAM : b. v. Paigha, p.o. htohindergarh; dt. Patiala; I.A. in 4,19 Hyd. Regt ; Joined
BAKSHI RAM : p. Thwta Rant. b. 1916. v. Rithoj, dt. Guryson;j

1 A. as sepoy in 1932: served in 719 Pt,. Re5t.; taken P.O.W. by the_ Japariese in 1942; Joined LN.A. and served as NK.; d. in acton, July, 1944.
BAKSHISIJ SINGH : p. Deva Singh; b. v. Khanpur, p.s. Dehion, dt. I.udhiana; took part in Ghadr Movement; participated in Ferolsshah murder, was captured, tried and hanged.
BAKSHISH SINGH : p. lunar Singh: b. v. Sahnnagar, dt. Amritsar. was killed in lallianwala Bagh, Amriaar on 13 April, 1919.
BAKSHISH SINGH : p. Santa Singh: b. V. Gillwali, dl. Anritsar; was involved in Lahore Conspiracy Case, 1915; was sentenced to death arid confiscation of property, 1915: was hanged on 16 Nov- 1915.
BAKSHISII SINGH : b. Y.& P.O. Gora)a, dt. Jullundur joined LN.A.: was killed in acl:on.
BAKHTAWAR : b v. Karen, p.o. Nahar. Dujana, dL ttontak; was sepoy in I A. in 4119 Hyd. Kcgt.: joined I N.A as NK. in 3rd Guerrilla Rept; was killed in action¬
BAKHTAWAR SINGH : p. Chanan Singh: b.v. Bhaini Rorc, p. o. Pakhowal, dt I.udhiana; joined I.N.A; killed in action¬
BAL MOKAND, BHAI : p. Bhsi Mathura Dass: b. 1889, v. Kariala, dt. Jhelum (Pakistan); ed. B.A.; belonged to Rhai Mati Dais family; was arrested on charge of throwing bomb on the Viceroy and was hinged an I I May, 191 Sat Delhi.
BAL MOKAND : p. Mangal Chand: b. 1894. Amritstr. was killed in fern at Ja1lianwala Iaph, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BAL SINGH : p Shuns Singh and I lar Kaur; b. 1907, Chak Hambo No. 578. dt. Sheikhupttra; took port in Daraha Morcha in 1932; d. 8 Jas,1932atthe ageof25.
BALE RAM : b. v. Scria, P.O. Durana, dt. Rohtak; was a scpoy in 2.9 Jet Rept- of I.A.; joined I N.A. as 5090)' in 311 Guerrilla Refit.; was killed in action,
BALLA RAM : b.v. Rithod, p.o. Sahara, dt. Gurpion; was a sepoy in 71 8 P.R of LA ; joined I.N.A. as sepoy in 3rd Guerrilla Rcpt.: died in action at Irnphal.
BALLAH : p. Lal Chusci: b. 1901, Namak Marsdi, Kucha Gandan, Amritsar, was killed in firing at Jallianwala B*. Amritsaz on 13 April, 1919.
BALWANT : p Bhagac Singh. b. Mohalla Lahorian, Peshawar; was k,11ed in fri_g at Peshawar, 1930.
BAL WANT SINGH : p. Arur Singh; b. 1694, Kucha Ramgarhian,
_ itsar on 13 April, 1919.
BALWANT SINGH : p. Budh Singh. b. 1883. KhurdpCx. dt. Jullundhur
ed. literate; was not allowed to lend at San Francisco (1911); tried
on charge of Jnurder of Mr. Hopkinson, Emigration lnsperW but acquitted; was arrested in 1915 at Bangkok by Sirtr,~
Govt.; handed over to British Govt.; hanged in Lahore Jail m
BALWANT SINCH : p Buta Singh; b. 1890, v. Sanghowal, dt Jullundur, was a member ofGhadr Party; was hanged.
BALWANT SINGH : p. Hattwil Singh. b.v. Gojra Mandi, dt Lyaiipo•; killed a S.D.O. who abused people and forced them to pay w$ loan; absconded: was shot dead by the police on 20 October. 1914.
BALWANT SINGH : p. lair" Singh and Tabo; b.v. Dadial, t Batala,dt Gurdaspur; took part in Jaito Morcha; died in Nabha B r Jail.
BALWANT SINGH : p. Preen Sigh; b.v.Bhaini Jaua, p.o. Dhulaulq d< Sangrur; ed. Metric; was Sepoy No. 64390 in LA.; joined I.N,A: service as Sepoy No. 3000 with 5th Guerrilla Regt; d. in action.
BALWANT SINGH : p. Sham Single: b.v. Sapori. p.o. Arab., L Uma,3 Hoshiarpur; joined LA. on 21 October. 1938 as scpoy No. 7724 and 3117 Dogta Refit; joined I.N.A. in Singapore and was killed in action on the Burma Front.
BALWANT SINGH : b.v. Bhaiii Jassa. p.o. Dbutauks, Nabha State was in hialaiya Police; joined I.N.A. as scpoy in 4th Guerrilla Regr.; was killed in action.
BALWANT SINGH : b.v. & p.o. Dubaldhan. dt. Rohtak; served io 259.
Jul Regt of IA.; joined I.N.A. u Hav. in 3rd Guerilla Regt; killed in action¬
BALWANT SINGH : b v. Jaunt, dl. Hoshiarpur, was sepoy in LA. io 15 Pb. RcgL; joined I.NA. u NK. in lit Bahadur Group. killed in action.
BALWANT SINGH : b. Gurgaoo; was sepoy in LA- in tad H.K.S.
joined I.N.A. as sepoy in 2nd Guerrilla Refit.; was killed in BALWANT SINGH : b.v. Saidawat, dt. Kapurthala; served the 15
Regt of I.A.; joined I.NA. as Hav. in lot Bahadur Group; died
Arakan Front.
BANARSI LAL : b.v. Ctwlukana Mandi, dt. Sheikhupura; was s Gloria 204 S.PS., A.S.C. of I A.; joined I.N A.; d in Tenor Island. BANTA SINCH : p. Bhola Singh and Blasg Kaur; b. 1894, v. ThllWA
Hushiarpur; joined I.A took part in Akali Movcmcnr; and Nanknna Sahib Mnrcha 1921; was killed in firing on 21 February, 1921.
BANTA SINGH : p. Hari Rain; b. v. & p.o. Rode, Patti Badalki. t. Moga, dt. Feroncpur: was, residing at Kaula lampur; served I.N.A. in Coy. NO 2 in Gsdhi Brig. sited in action on the Bumsa Front.
BANTA SINGH : p Jiwan Singh and hlukam Kaur; b.v. Bhagowal, dt.
Gurdaspur, took part in Guru Ka Bagh Mooha. was a nxmbcr of
Shahidi Jathn No. 10 in Jaito Morcha; died in Nahha Bir Jail a1 the age of 12.
BANTA SIN(ili : p. Pal Sin fjt: b. 1901, joined Shahidi laths to Nankana Sahib in 1921 and was killed.
BANTA SINGH : bv. Dhamia. dt. Hoshiarpur; took put in Babbor Akali Morcmem; was killed in the encounter.
BANTA SINGH : b.v.Gunbar, dt. Lyallpur. was a member of Shahidi
Jades in laito Morcha; received bullet injuries and died in Hospital at Ferozcpur.
BANTA SING H : b.s• Ibban. dl Kapunhala; was sepoy in Kapurihala Inf; joined LN.A. as NK. in lit Guerilla Regt.; was killed in action on 5 Sept., 1944.
BANTA SINGH : b.v.Kala Singh, dl. Kapurthala; was a usember of Shrhids bran No.7 in Jaito Moreba; died in Nabba Jail an D".4,
BANTA SINCH : b.v.Kotala Heran, p.o.Khiwa, dt. Jullundur; was spoy in LA. in A.S.C.; joined I.N.A. as sepoy in 3rd Guerrilla Regt.; was killed in action.
BANTA SINGH : b.v.lakhmirpur, p,o Roper, dt. Ambala; joined I.N.A. as Hav.; was killed in action.
BANWARI : b.v Kuleswar. dt.Rohtak: was L+NK. in 718 P.R. of I A.; joined I.N.A. as In K in 3rd Guerrilla Refit.; was killed in action.
BABA SINGH : p, Pala Sitgh and Mans Kaur; b. 1903. v. Bandala. dr. Arriritcar, took part in Nankana Sahib Morcha 1921; was killed in firing on 21 Feb 1921.
BABA SINCH : b.v. Chotti Hangars. p.o Dichkot, dl. Lyallpur; was in
LN A. as S.O. in 1st Guerrilla Regt.; was killed in action near Twiur_
BARKAT : p. Ballads; b. 1899, Kucha Ramgarhian, Near Mujid Abdul 11-1111A. Atrri'str; was killed in firing at lallianwnla Bagh, AnviLcv on 13 April, 1919.
BARKAT : b.v. Ishoran, p.o. Lodh Bharat dt. Kangra; joined I.N.A as
NK.; was killed inaction.
BARKAT A W : p. llltl Baksh; b. 1887, Kucha Itatim Tai, Anuttsar, w
killed n firing at Jalliar»vah Baglt Anvitsu on 13 April, 1919. BASANT SINGH : p Raj Singh; b.v. Thakarpura. p.o. Patti, dt. Amritsar
joined 1.A. as Sepoy in 1115th Sikh Refit.; was promoted to the
rank of Hav.; joined I.N.A_ in 1942 as Lt; died in action in 1943. BASANT SINGH : b.v. PanjokhM t. & dt. Ambala; joined I Ith JVhato
Jaito Morcho, d. in Nabha Bit Jail on I Jan., 1925.
BASANTA : p. Santa (Saina); b. 1396. Amritsar; was killed in firing K
Jalliawala Bay r, Amrits r on 13 April. 1919.
BASAWA SINGH : b. 1891, v. Dhalwal Bet. Kapurthala State: joined
Praja Mandal Movement 1932; participated in Kim agitation in
the State 1934.35 and Delhi demonstration against the Maharaja;
Jailed for sit months; remained President Kapurthala State Praia
Mandal 1933.35; was killed in action.
BASHIR AHMED : b.v. BalinIi, dt. Robtak; was Jean. in 1.A. in 2'9 )at Refit.; joined I.N.A. as Ls. in 3rd Guerrilla Rcgt.; was killed in action at Kalewa
BASHIR AHMED : b.v. & p-o. Tharch, r8. Sialkot; was Scpoy in 1.A. in 7th Rajput Regt.: joined LN.A. as sepoy in lit Guerrilla Rest.; was killed in action.
BATLA MARWARI : b. Kucha Rarna Nand, Amritsar. was killed in
firing at Jallianwala Bagh, Amrits r an 13 April, 1919.
BATTAN SINGH : b.v. Andora, p.o. Hontail, dl. Hoshiarpur. was sepoy
in LA. in 2112 F.F.; joined I.N.A. as Hav. in 3rd Guerrilla Refit.;
was killed in action.
BAWA SINGH : p. Gbancya Single; b.v. Tajowal, t. Garhshankar, dt. Hoshiarpur; served in ).A.- in 30th Sikh Reel. for 5 year; resigned army service: took pent in Babbar Alkali Movement killed national traitors; arrested in Chand Wali in 1935: convicted for conspiracy against the Crown; sentenced to death and was hanged in Jullundur Jail.
BAWA SINGH : p. Mangal Singh; b.v. Pikha Kahn, (.'inns Taraa dl. Amritsar; wan killed in firing at Jallianwala Ragh, Amritsar on 13 April. 1919.
BAWA SINGH : b.v. Mann Talwandi, p.o. Blnolath. dt. Jullundur. was sepoy in Knpunhaln inf.; joined I.N.A. as Sepuy in 2nd GuefTilb Refit; was killed in action.
BEEHLA SINGH : p Nthal Singh; b. 1844, v. Narli, dt Amritsar; took part in Kuka Movement; was Involved in Amritsar Butcherd

Murder case, 1871. was sentenced Ws 302 I.P.C. to be hanged; was hanged at Amritsar on 8 November. 1871.
BELA SINGH : p. Maya Singh and Raji; b. 1865, t. Kartarpur, dl. lullundur; took part in Akali Movement; took pan in Nankarsa Stub Morcha 1921;was killed in firng on 2l Feb. 1921.
BELA SINGH : b. v. I ladliur, cit. IAidhians; was a member of Jaths No. 13
in Jairo Morchn; died on the way to Jaito on 4 Den-. 1924.
BHAG : p. Sita Ram (Sari Ram): b. 1879. Kaaa Mit Singh Kuclsa Tare S=igh, Ansnav; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagb. Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BHAC : p- Wasso; b v. laddcwal. I. Tam Taran, dt. Amritsv; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Begh, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BIIAC. MA L: p. Chanda; b. Vawali Asa Singh, Iaker Mardi, Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagls, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BHAG MAL : p. Hart Rain Arora; b. 18 S79, Katra Mit S ngts Amritsar, was killed in firing at Jalli nwnh Bagh. Amritsar on 13 April. 1919.
BHAG MAL (LABIIO) : p. Hira Lal Amra; b. 1891, Kucha 7hrgaran, Namak Matsdi, Amritsar, was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsaaron 13 April, 1919.
BHAC SINGH : p. Ana Singh; b. 1880, v. Nazampura, Dewa Sirghs Wala, Chak No. 38, dt. Sheskhupura; was killed in Nankana Sahib firing on 21 Feb., 1921.
BHAC SINGH : p Area Singh: b. 1871; joined Shahidi Jaths to Nankuu Sahib: was killed at Nanakwu Sahib, 1921.
BIIAG SINGH: b.v. Khialiwala, dt. Bbatindr joined 11th Jatha to Jailo Morclsa. 1924; d. in Nabba Bir Jail on 28 May, 1925.
BHAGAT : p Surja; b.v, Rhalopur, dt. I toshiarpur, was killed in Zing at Jallianwah Bagh, Airrisar on 13 April. 1919.
BHAGAT RAM : p. Dhani Ram; b. 1902, Namak Mandi, Amritsar was killed n fiisg at Jallianwala BaglL Antritsat an 13 April. 1919.
BIIACAT RAM : p. Hua Lal; b. 1879, Sialkot; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Rag h, Amritsm on 13 April. 1919.
BHACAT RAM : p. Satiagar; b.v. Bhajilas, po. Lagmtnwin, Tappa Mewa I. I(amupur, dt Kangra; was sepoy No. 8041 in 3/17 Dogs Regt.; taken P.O, W. by the Japanese at Singapore in Feb., 1942; joined I.N.A and served as sepoy No. 5154 in lit Div.; killed in action On the Malaya Front on 29 Dm_ 1944.
BHAGAT SINGH : p. Bur Sing n; b. Amritsar; joined Shahidi Jatha to Nankansa Sahib; war killed at Naitkam Sahib, 1921.
BIIAGAT SINGH : p. Rur Singh; b.v. Ruriwakt. t. Tam Taran, Anritsar;
oec. Agriculture. involved in Lahore Military Conspiracy Case in 1914; sentenced to death; hanged at Ambala in 1915.
BHAGAT SINGH : p. But Singh and Gulab Kant; b. 1892, v. Ruri, dL Amritsar: joined the National Movement for freedom in 1915; was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death; was hanged ~, An,bala Jail at thee age of 23.
BHAGAT SINGH : p. Kesar Singh; h. 1884, b. v. Jhugawnn. Rupaw-,d,, dt. Anuitsar; was killed in Jallianwala BagJt, Ansritsar on 13 April 1919.
BHAGAT SINGH : p. Ptara Single; b. Iloshiarpur, joined I.N.A. wA served as sepay, taken P.O.W. on 4 August, 1944 on the Burma Front; d. in Jigar Kucha Camp on 14 Sept- 1944.
RHACAT SINGH : p. Shcr Singh; b.v. Rupawali Chagawan, t. R dL Amritsar was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bash, Amritsar on 13 April. 1919,
BHAGAT SINGH : b.v. Ten, dt. Amritsar, police men attacked upon him in the Guru Ka Bagh as a resuh of which he died on Sept., 4, 1922
BHAGAT SINGH : b.v. Badala Babunt, di. Anuitsr: ju,ed 9th Jathsto
Jaito Mnrcha; was arrested; d, in Nabhn Jail
BHAGAT SINGH : b.v. Mahsnm p.o. Bardi, dL Ferurept,joined LNA.
as sepoy; was killed in action.
BHAGAT SINGH : b.v. & p.o. Saidowal, dt. Kapurthala; joined 1.A. as sepoy No. 3025; served LN.A.; d. in action.
BHAGAT SINGH : b.v. Ta va Khurd, dt. Amritsar, received injuries during Guru Ka Bagh Mrxha aril died in Seer, 1922.
BHAGAT SINCH : p. Brij Lal Singh; b. 1898, v. Jamke Cltmaa, t. Dts, dt. Sialkot; ed. literate; resigned Govt. Service and took part in Congress and Akali movements; implicated in false murder case, but was acquitted; suffered about 6'V5 years imprisonment-am tortures of the jail authorities; remained in Multan,Attock, Amritsar, Lahore. Kantalpur and Montgomery Jails; sutlered lathi-blows in 1941 while delivering a speech; died in Moo Hospital, Lahore in 1942.
BHHAGAT SINCH SHAHF:RD : p. Kishan Singh and Vidya Van; b. 23 Sept 1907 v. Bangs Chak No. 105 Jhautg Branch. dt, Lyallpur; ed. B.A.; founded Hindustan Socialist Republican Army; killed one Saundrcs. D.S.P. on Dec. 17, 1928; was arrested and sent 10 Misawali Jail; conspiracy case was instituted against hint on July 10. 1929; was sentenced to death; was hanged on March 23. 1931.

BIIAGATA : b. Kucha Tiwgrian, Amritsar; was killed in firing au Jalirunnm13 Bag t, Amritsar on 13 Apnl, 1919.
BHAGWAN : p. Nihal Chand; b. 1879, Knua Mit Singh, Kucha Tare Katial. Amritsa; was killed at Jallianwala B3gh, Arnritsar on 13 Aped. 1919.
BHAGWAN DASS : b. Katra Aliluwalian, Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jallanwala Ragh, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BHAGWAN BASS : p. Charan Dass; b. v. Kot Uasondhi Mat, t. Tam Taran. dt. Amritsr: attended meeting at Jallianwala Bagh,and was shod dead on 13 April, 1919.
BHAGWAN DHAN : b. Kucha Bagh Jhandt Sirtgh, Amritcar, was killed in firing at Jatl asrwala Bagh, Amritsar on 13 April. 1919.
BHAGWAN SHAH : b. 1869, Katra Ram Garhinn, Barnr Mnniarinn, Amntsar, was killed in firing at JallianwrJa Bash, Ansritsar on 13 Apri11919.
SHAG WAN SINGH : p. Banta Singh and Ram Kaur, b.v. Rupowal, p.o. Gardinwala, dt. Hoshiarput: took part in 7th Jetha to Jaito Moccha; mercilessly beaten; d. I Dec., 1924.
BHAGWAN SINGH : b. Uchra Ismail Khan; was a member of Shahidi Jatha No. 3 in Jaito Morcha; was tortured in Nabho Bir Jail; d_ in 1925.
BHAGWAN SINCH : p. Ulna Singh & Thabo; b. 1891, v. Ninrnpur, dt Anustsar; Joined Shahidi Jatha to Nankara Sahib; was killed at Nankana Sahib, 1921.
BHAGWAN SINGH : p. Nahar Singh; b.v. Khscbrauli, p.o. Matanh:ul, dt. Rchtak; served LA. in H.K.S.R.A.; joined I.NA.; served as sepoy in 2nd Guerrilla Refit.; reported Shaheed.
BHAGWAN SINCH ; b.v. & p.o. Dahina, it. Gurgaon; was NK. in IA. in 45 I.B.T. Coy.; joined LNA, as S.O, in Intelligent Group; was killed inaction,
BRAG WAN SrNC H : b.v. & p.o. Kanwalt dt. Gurgaon; was Hav, m4/19 Hyd. Rep.; joined 2nd LL i n O.T.S. of l.N.A.; killed in action.
Bl1AGWA\T SINCH : b. v. Bhatsana, p.o. Dalmia Dadri, dt. Mohindargarh; was sepoy in LA. in 4119 Hyd. Regt.; joined I.N.A. as sepoy in 3rd Guerrilla Regt.; was killed in action.
BHAL SINGH : p. Mani Ram: b,v. Gurwwna, p.o. Barwala, dt. His=; joined I.N A.; served as sepoy in 4th Guerrilla Rep.; reported Shaheed.
BIIAL SINGH : b.v. Dal, p.o. Kher, dt. Lahore; joined LN.A. as LINK; was killed in action.
BHAL RAM : p. Meal Ram; b.v. Unrana. p.o Bxwala, dl Hissar; Served I.N.A as Scp y; reported Shalteed.
BIIALLA RAM : b.v. Gurana, p.o. Bawala. dt. Hissar. Was sexy in H.K.S.R A. in I.A.; joined I.N.A. as Sepoy in Body Guard Btn.; was killed in opcaation in Implail.
BHAN SINGH : p. Ghasita Single b.v. & p.o. Chola Sah:b, t. Tam Tarot dt. Amritsnr, joined 9th Jatha to Jaito Morcha in 1924;
imprisoned for I bb years• R.I. in Nabta Jail; d. in Jail in 1924.
BHAN SINGH : p. Manv,,al Singh; Ky. Melvra. t. Mop, dt. Fcrozcpur, joined LN.A. in Mataiya and served in Gandhi Brig.; fought on the Burma and Kalewa front.; taken P.O.W. at Pegtr; brought to India and was released; served in Desk Sewak Saina; was shot. dead at Kangrah.
BHAN SINGH : b.v. Swat, dt. Ludhiana. went to California in 1911; came back to India in 1914; was sentenced life impessonment in a cospiracy case in 1914-15; was tortured to death,
BHATIA, ISAAR DASS : b.v. & p.o. Kalabagh, dl. Miaawal. was Hay. in IA.O.C. of l.A.;joined A.li. Dal of I.N.A.; was killed in action,
BHERAM : b. v. & p.o. Barsana. And State; was a repay in tot Bahawalpur Inf. of I.A.; joined I.N.A. as Sepoy in 3rd Guerrilla Rel t.; died in Bunma.
BRIM RAJ : p. Harjas Mal; b. Katn Rama Nand; was killed in firing of
Jallianwnln Bags, Anvitsar an 13 April, 1919.
SHIM RAJ : p. Rhesus Raj; b. Ksxha Rnnu Nand, Amritsnr; was killed in lung at Jallianwala Bagh, Arnritssr on 13 April, 1919.
SHIM SINGH : p. Kuulal Singh; b.v. Biting, p. s. Sad%., dt. Jullundur, was a Komagata Mann passenger; was interned after the Budge Budge riot and was afterwards put to death.
SHIM SINGH : p. I's Ram; b.v. Bundwali, p.o. Dhand, dt. Hissar; joined I. A. in 1938 and served as sepoy No. 12577 in 2'9 lax Rcgt; joined I.N.A- on 15 Feb 1942 at Singapore and died in action on the Burma front
BHOJA RAM : p. Ilarkishan; b.v. Kak rata, p.o. Keniha, dt. Mohindergarh; served I.A.; joined I.NA. as Sepoy No. 33859; reported to be killed.
BIIULLA : p. 4latlra Dass Rajput; b. 1899, dt. Ansritsar; was killed in Jallixmala Bngh, Anai&.w on 13 April, 1919.
BIHILLA SINGH : p. Basant Singh and Nmaasi; b.v. Rot FMuhi, t. Gads'
spanker, dt. Hoshiarpur; ed. knows Punjabi and Urdu; took part in Ilabbar Akali Movement. 1923; remained an undcrtrial for I year; took part in Satyagraha at Hoshiarpur 1930; imprisoned for

1 year. but died in Attock Jail on 15 Aug. 1930 at the ape of 25.
BHIIP SINGH : p. Parana: b.v. Deewa dt. Ludhiana. joined Jatha of Kukas which attacked Maloud and hfalerkotla• 1872; was arrested at v. Pharwahi; was brought to Malerkocla and killed_
BHURE RAM : p. Sardara; h.v. Kheri Sansanwal, p.o. Dadri, dl. Mnhindcrrarh; served I.A. in H.K.S.K.A.: joined LN.A.: served in lava: reported Shaheed.
131DIII SINGH : b.v. Darooei, p.o. Ladrani. dr. Kangra; Joined LN.A. as NK ; was killed in action.
BIKAR SINGH : b.v. Rajpue. dt. Hoahiarpur; joined I.N.A. as sepoy; sins killed in action.
BILLA : b. 1901. dt. Amritsar was killed in Jallstnwala Bagh. Amritsar on 13 April. 1919.
SIR SINGH : p Banta Singh; b.v. Bahowal, dl. lloshiarpta; went to Canada in 1906 in search of employment; he left Canada on Aug. 22. 1914 in order to participate in the national activities; was arrested in Lahore Conspiracy Case on 6 June, 1915; was convictod and hanged in Central Jail Lahore on 30 March, 1916.
SIR SINGH : p. Bona Singh; b.v. Bahowal. dt. Hoshiarpur; was a returned emigrant from Victorio: was tried in First Lahore Supplementary Conspiracy Case, 1915; was sentenced to death and forcfctcure ofpropenty on 30 March. 1916: was hanged.
BIR SINGH : p. Hira Singit; b. Kacur, dt. Lahore; was tried in Kasur Riot Case: was sentenced Ws 121 I.P.C- to death and forfeiture of pruperty by Martin) Law Commission on 30 April, 1919.
SIR SINGH : b.v. Jalalpur Jan, dt. Gurdaspur Joined LN.A_ as sepoy: was killed in action.
BIROO : p. Ghathoo; b. 1869, dt. Ainrinssr; was killed in Jallianwala BagJs, Amritsnr on 13 April, 1919.
BIROO : b. 1869; v. Sultanwind, dt. Amritsnr; was killed in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsnr co 13 April, 1919.
BISIIAM13AR DASS : b.v. Ragist! Mnjn, p.o. Teliwara, dt. Patiala State; was Jamadar in M.T. Patinla State Army; joined LN.A. as LL in 1st Bahadur Groups; was killed in action.
BISHA(IIRAR DAYAL : v. & p o. Mandarsda, dt Gurgson; was Jamadar in Is' Bahawalpa [oft of IA.;Joined I.N.A. as Lt. in 3rd Guerrilla Refit. of I.N.A.; was killed in anion.
SISIIAMBAR SINGH : b.v. & P.O. Mankiwala, dt. Rawalpindi; was U NK in 36 I A.U.C. of I.A.; joined I.N.A. as LINK. in InL Group: w:_: killed in acWn.
BISHAMBAR SINGH : b.v. Mlsri, dl. Dadrs, Jmd Stale; was a scpoy m 411 Heas . A.A. Rest.: joined J.N.A. as scpoy in 3rd Guerrilla Rcgt . d. in Burma.
BISIIAN DASS : p. Damodar Dam; b. Kucha Koorichan• Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagh, Anritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BISHAN DASS : p. Uhanpat Rem; b. 1887. Katnt Safari. Kucha Chachran, Amritsar. was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bah, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BISHAN DASS : p. Gurardina Mat; b. 1889, Kucha Mai Rain Kia. Amritsar: was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bag)t, Amritsar an 13 April, 1919.
BISHAN DASS : p. Maharaja b. 1874• Nasnak htandl. Kucha N.r Singh, Dass, Anritsar; wns killed in firing, at Jalliaa nwala Bags. Anaritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Bhan Singh and Sahib Kaur; b. 13 Nov., 1906; v. Roomi, dt. Ludhiana; was a member of Sahidi Jalha No. I I in Jaito Morchs• died on 31 Oct 1924.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Bur Sing),; b.v. & p.o. Rode. t. Moga, at, Feroapur, occ. Agriculture; took part in Jailo Morcha; died in Jail due to police bearing.
BISIIAN SINGH : p. Dyal Singh and Mehtab Kaur; b.v. Sohal, dt. Gurdaspur; took port in Guru Ka Bagt Morcha and was arrested; died in Attack Jail en Due_ 6.1922 a the age of 55.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Gurdit Singh; b.v. & p.o. Dhuttar Kalan, d. Amritsar joined LA. on 30 Nov- 1933; weed as Swr. NO. 5129; joined the rebellion of 1940; court-martiallod and sentenced t0 death; executed in Secundmhad Jail on 6 Sept., 1940.
BISIIAN SINGH : p. tahwar Singh and Partap Kaur; b. 15 May, 1885, v. Mangat. t. Nawanshahr, dl. Jullundur; took part in Babbar Akali Movement; killed by British Cavalry in encounter at Chauntaji on I Sept 1923.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Mit Singh; b.v. Chabba, dl. Amritsar; was killed in Jallianwala Bagh, AnrRsar on 13 April. 1919.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Narnbar Dar, b.v. Chabha, dt. Amriuar; war killed in Jalliawala B: uji, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Paras Ram; b.v. & p.o. Nardolar, L Rewnri, dt. Gurguon: served as Jem. in 1st Bahawalpur State Inf.; jorrd I.N.A. in March, 1943; fought on various fronts and d. in adloo in May, 1945.
BISHAN SINGH : p. Sunder Singh; b. 1889, v. Hehar, d. Lahore; took part in G.R._M.; d. in Jail on 2 Febatttry. 1924.
BISIIAN SINGH : p. Veer Singh; b.v. Budcwal, p.o Bhorchhl, t. Tarp Taran, dt. Amritsar. took pan to Jaito Morcha; imprisoned for I year, bit d in Nabha Die Jail.
g)SHAN SINGHH : p._Vir Singh MW Atant Kaur, b. 1908, v. Kang Ghasitapur Chak No. 69, t. Jardanwala, d. Lyallapur, was a member of Jatha No. 4 in Jaito Morelia; d. in Nabha Bu Jail in 1921.
BISHAN SINGH : b.v. Kaisarpur, d. Kepurthala; was scpoy in Kapurthala Inf.; joined LNA. as scpoy in 2nd Guerrilla Regs.; was killed in action.
BISHAN SINGH : b.v. Roorni, L Jagraon, d. Ludhiana; joined 11th
Jacha to Jaito Martha; d. in Nabha Bit Jail on 24 Nov., 1924.
BISHAN SINGH : b.v. Sarwan, p.o. Kartarpur, dt. Jullundur; joined LN.A. as Lt.; was killed in action.
BISHANA : p. Labhu; b. Amritw, was tried in Amritsar Alliance Bank Murder Case; was sentenced Ws 121 I.P.C. to death and !ot eiture of property by Martial Law Commission on 12 June. 1919.
BlTI'A : p. Kola alias Karam Chand; b. 1895, Atrritsa; was killed in faring at Jalianwala IIagh, Am itsar on 13 April, 1919.
RODE : p Ron; b.v. Bhojian, L Tam Taran. d. Amritsar; was killed in lirvig a: Jalli•.nwnla Dagh, Anritsaron 13 April, 1919,
BOLLU RAM : b. v. Khcrlt. P.O. Balabagarh, dt. Gurbaon; was nepoy in I A. in b5 P.R.; joined I.N.A. in 3rd Guerrilla Rcpt; was killed in action near'I'aniu.
BOORA RAM : h. Karmo Deorhi, Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jsllianwalt Ba9JI, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BORA SINGH array RACHPAL SINGH : p. Sant Singh Akali and Jhabar Kaur: b, 1905, v. Jalal Unman, dt. Amritsar; occ. Carpenter took pan in Jaito Martha; was a member of a Jatha consisting of 500 persons; d- on the way to Nankana Sahib in 1921
RUA DASS : p. Faquir Chand; b. 1897, Kucha Rantgarhian, Cbowk Kamri, Arnrhs ; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Ragh, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BUA D1TTA : p. Nathu Mal; b.v. Sasangdoo, t. Ajnala, dt. Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Digit, Amritsar on 13 April. 1919.
BUDH RAM : p. Shoo Lall; b.v. Teeja Kbaie. L Sirsa, d. llissar; served I. A. as Gunner No. 50690 in H.K.S.R.A.; joined I.N.A. and was killed in action.
BI77DII RAM : b.v. Kumharya, P.O. Kinnani, dt. Hissar; was a sepoy in 7'8 P. R. of LA.; joined LN.A. as Sepoy in 2nd Guerrilla. Reef; d at 'I'antu
RIJDH SINGH : p. [lira Singly and Jiwan Kaur; b. 1872, v. Dbotijq dl Amrits r; terved in I.A. in Risah No. 23; took pan in First Labor, Conspiracy in 1914-15; was arrested in connection with varpulpur Bomb Case; wax convicted; hanged on 3 Sept., 1915.
RUDH SINGH : p. Mal Singit & Aas Knur, b. 1895, v. Nvampur Moot' Singh Wale, Cloak No. 80. dt. Sheikhupura: ed. Third Pass; took part in Gurdwara Reform Movement: was killed on 21 February 1921 at Nnnkana Sahib.
BUDH SINGH : p. Surjan Singh; b.v. Kotha Pardhan Singh, t Daska, dL
Sialkot. took part in Nankana Sahib Morcha: shot dead on 21
Feb., 1921.
BUDII SINGH : p. Surjan Singh and Gags Kaur, b. 1900, v. Kartarpsr. P.O. Begowal, dt. Sialkot; took part in Nankana Sahib agitation and was killed in 1921.
BUDHA : p Imam Din; h. Kasur. Lt. Lahore. was trod in Kasur Riot Case; was vmter.ecd Ws 121 I.P.C. to death and forfeiture of property by Martial law Commisias on 30 April. 1919.
BUDHA : p. Janni; b. v. Jhita Kalan. dt. Amriuar, was killed in Jallisnwala Bagh, Amritsar on 13 ApriL 1919.
BUDHA SINGH : p. Amax Singh; b.v. Tsmg, dt. Gurdaspsr, was killed m Jalliaswala Bagh, Amritar on 13 ApriL 1919.
BUDHA SINGH : p. Ishar Singh and Inder Kaur; h.v Ghummat Khurd dt. Gurdaspur; was a member of Shahidi Jatha in Jaito Morcha; d in Nabha Rir Jail at the age of 20 years.
RUDHA SINGH : p. Surjan Singh and Gangs Kaur; b. Feb. 4, 1903:1. Kettarpur. dt. Sialkot; ed. Middle; took part in Akali Movement: took part in Nankana Sahib Morcha 1921; was killed in firing on 21 Feb1921.
BUR SINGH : p. Deva Singh; b.v. Bhitewind, t. Ajnala, dL Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Ragh, Arnritsar on 13 April. 1919,
BUR SINGH : p. Gartdri Sutgh: b.v. Jahanke, I. Tam Taut dt. AmrittU was killed in firing at Jallianw la BagJa. Amrltsnr on 13 ApriL 1919.
BUR SINGH : p. Jhanda Singjs; b.v. Jharnke, L Tam Taran, dL Amrits0",
was killed in Jallianwala Bagh, Arnritsar on 13 April, 1919.
BUR SINGH : p. Mul Singh; b. 1897; was killed in Nankma Sahib
h(orcha, 1921.
BUR SING" : P was an wra. asses er f
n emigrant frorn C
Fcruzcpu:. P S
KomagU= titan, Ship; d. in firirg at Budge Budge Ghnt. Calcutta ,,Sept 1'at4.
BUR SINGH : KY. Akvnwala, P.O. Blragapurana, dt Ferozepur; Was Censtablc in Shanghii Police; joined as xepoy in LNA. in I.I.L. Shanghai, dd at Shangahi.
BUR SINGH : h.v. Bitalla Pind, dt Amriu_r; wan killed in firing at Jallianwala Bap)1. Amripar en 13 ApriL 1919.
BUR SINGH : b.v. Kot Khcra. dr Anvitsar, was Ilav. in Kapurthala Inf., joo:d I. N.A. as I.tt in Body Grand Unit; was killed in action.
BURA : p Anua Shsgh; b. 1899. dt Ansritgsr; cec Carpenter; wax killed in Jallittnvala Bagh, Amritcir on 13 April. 1919.
BLITA SINGH : p. Nihal Singh; b.v. Desuval. I. Pavi, d:. Amritxar, nee. Arjiculturc. took part in Rhai Ptseru Morcha: was sentenced ta's 145 ro 2 years imprisonment and fine of Ks. I(A-; d. in Muhan Jail.
BU'TA SI\CFI : Sher Singh and Khemin; b.v. Akalgarn Khurd, P.O. Kalstan. I. & dt. Ludhiana; ed. literate; joined Glasdr Party in Canada iii 1913; carne to India in 1914; shot dead Chanda Singh Zaiklar of village Chits, dt. Jullundur was tried by Special Tribunal. lahnre for political murder, his property was attached; was sentenced to death and hanged in l.ahtx'e Jail in 1915.
BUTA SINGH : h.v. Khatspur, P.O. Bola., dt. Sialkot joined LN.A.; was killed in action,

Martyrs of Punjab


Madan Lal was born in 1987. His father, Sahib Dina, was an eminent Medical Practitioner. Having passed his Intermediate examination from Amritsar he joined Lahore College for further studies. But after a few months he secured ajob in the Settlement Department in the Government of lacuna and Kashmir and left his studies.'[ 'here also he did not stay for long and left foe England for a course in engineering in 1906 where he was admitted, in the University College. London on October 19, 1906. During his study period he began to attend political meetings of the India House. He was initiated by the revolutionary Indian leader, Savarkar, into the membership of his society called Abhinav Bharat. He was then generally considered a calm and sober type of person. But Sasarkar thought highly of him. 'Chose were the
MARTYRS OF THE PItNJAR 19 days when British or--ion against Indians was at its height. In a short
spon of time Savarkar, Kanihya dal, Barindra, Bhupendra. Khudlri Ram Bose and Haim Chandra Vas were captured and sentenced to death. This infuriated the young revolutionaries in England who decided to penahr-e the harshness of the Government by assassinating Sir William Cr-,on Wyllie, Political Aide-de-Camp at the India House. Although Wyllie was a good friend of Madan Lal's father. but this did not deter Madan lam from his firm resolve to shoot him and for this purpose he leant the use of revolver shooting Incidently. he got his long-awaited chance on July I, 1909 when there was a meeting at the imperial Institute, London where Sir W.C. Wyllie was to be present. lie had a six. chamber revolver in his pocket and a smile on his face. Wyllic went around for courtesy talks_ When he made for Madan [al, his fiend's son, and had just opened his mouth to talk. Madan Lal fired at him at pout-blink-range. The political Aidede-Camp died on the spot. Madan 1st threw away the revolver and made no attempt to escape. lie was surrounded by the crowd and captured. When his hands were being tied, he laughed in derision and said. 'Please let me correct my specs".
The news created a great sensation in the whole of India and E-igland. Madan Lal's act was coitdensned by his rather and other relatives but was eulogized by nationalists and revolutionaries. He was triad by a British soon and sentenced to death. In a statement before his death Madan Lal said these words : 'Neither rich nor able, a poor son like myself can offer nothing but his blood at the altar of Motheys dcliveraooe and so I rejoice at the prosper of my martyrdom". lie was hanged on August l7. 1909.

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