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Baba terian tu he jane !

Bhai Mardana ji was amongst first Sikhs of Guru Nanak . He travelled far and wide with Baba ji and on Babaji's order would start playing his Rabab . He played and Baba ji prayed .

In the deep forests , on the high mountains , crossing deserts , crossing pleatues , Baba ji walked and like his shadow Mardana ji walked , quietly following the footsteps of Baba ji . Dhur ki bani came to pious ' rasna ' of Baba ji, who sang in melodious voice of undescribable depth ,sweet , deep , intense resonating with the tone tunkar of Rabab . They walked while Baba ji delivered message of Sachkhand to mankind . Many a times Mardana ji would ask many questions which were later compiled and formed the core of Sikh thesis .

Mardana ji who inspite of, being 9 years older in age than Satguru ji called Satguru , Baba ji whom he considered older than him , for Spiritual wisdom of Satguru ji and said , " Baba ji we travel far and wide and whereever we go you ask people to do Simran , listen , learn hear / do keertan and you tell Simran is the most important thing in life but Baba ji , people seem to forget what you teach and do not obey, and do not do keertan or simran except very few Why is it so ?".

Guru Baba ji replied , " Aho Mardania , you are right but look around you , there are people who are land owners , who deal with buisness of land . Ask them anything about owning houses , buying land for farming , selling it , in a minute you will get an answer like how much is this land worth of , that land worth of , when is it a good time to buy a home or homes and when is it time to sell they will tell you in very short time .
That then becomes the main focus of their minds and every moment they live into it .

Then there are people who make profits out of selling and buying groceries , Ask them a question and quickly one will get an answer whether profit can be made out of buisness of oil or flour or pulses or sugar .
That then becomes the main focus of their minds and every moment they live into it .

This is the way creator Waheguru ji created his creation .Every human being is involved in weaving his thoughts and mind controls them . These are the laws of nature , rules of cosmos , the way human behaviour comes forth in life

But land buisness dealers know nothing of pulses, oils or grocery buisness and groceries donot sell property in their shelves .

Similarly out of thousands few have realized folly and uselessness of wealth , diamonds , gold , houses , luxurious lifestyles and they realize that goal of life is beyond wealth and material and that only one breath seprates them and everything they have from death , They then become ateet , udasi , bairagi (detached ) and run to come and listen to dhur ki bani and earn the profit of life .So Gurbani becomes the main focus of their mind.These human beings are called Gurmukhs and my keertan is meant for them and they are very few . My work is to find them and give this precious jewel of Nam Keertan .

Once they realize that this was their goal ,they then donot live a moment without Nam Keertan .

Others know nothing about it.

Mardana ji said , " Baba terian tu he jane "

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