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Nand Singh

A Ghadr Activist

Of Rai ka Burj, a village in Amritsar district, was a soldier in the 23rd Cavalry, with headquarters at Mianmir cantonment, Lahore. He was one of the sowars who came in contact with the Ghadr leaders and who raised their hands in meetings to indicate that they would take part in the uprising against the British. According to the plan, the sowars were to bring arms to a meeting of the Ghadr leaders at Jhar Sahib on 6 November 1914.

On 19 February 1915, word was received that a part of the regiment was to be sent to the war front and the depot moved to a new cantonment. On 13 May 1915, as the baggage was being loaded, a box fell and a bomb exploded. The explosion gave the officials the clue to the plan of the sowars to join the Ghadr revolution. This led to the detention of eighteen men, all belonging to the troops of Dafedar Lachhman Singh, of Amritsar, and Dafedar Vadhava Singh, of Rurivala. They were court-martialled at Dagshai, in Shimla hills, and ordered to be shot. Later, the sentences of six, Nand Singh among them, were commuted to transportation for life, with forfeiture of property. The other five were Bishan Singh, Bishan Singh No. 2, Nattha Singh and Kehar Singh, all of Dhotlan (Amritsar) and Charan Singh, of Dhand Kasel (Amritsar). They were sent to the Cellular Jail at Port Blair, Andamans, to serve their sentences. Nand Singh died there as a result of the torture which was commonly the lot of the prisoners. He was 26 when he was sent to prison.

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