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Varyam Singh, Bhai
One of the Nankana Sahib Martyrs (1889-1921)

Was born on 13 January 1889, the son of Bhai Bhagvan Singh and Mai Chand Kaur of Tibbi Jai Singh, a village in Montgomery district (now Sahival) in Pakistan. He attended the village school in the neighbouring Garh to which he and his mother had shifted after the death of his father.

He started life as a village shopkeeper. He took the vows of the Khalsa and observed them faithfully. When the Gurdwara Reform movement gathered momentum in 1920, Bhai Varyam Singh went to Sheikhupura and then to Gurdwara Khara Sauda, Chuharkana, where he joined the jatha of Bhai Kartar Singh Jhabbar, and served in Guru ka Langar for some time. Jathedar Jhabbar then sent him to Nankana Sahib where he, disguised as an Udasi sadhu, gathered intelligence about Mahant Narain Das' moves and reported it to the local Akali leaders such as Bhai Uttam Singh, Bhai Dalip Singh and Chaudhari Pal Singh.

On the morning of 20 February 1921, when. they heard the firing upon Bhai Lachhman Singh's jatha in Gurdwara Janam Asthan and Bhai Dalip Singh ran towards the Gurdwara in order to plead with the Mahant to stop the firing, Bhai Varyam Singh also accompanied him. While Bhai Dalip Singh was shot at by the Mahant himself, Bhai Varyam Singh was struck down by one of his hired killers. Bodies of both of them were thrown into the burning fires.

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