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Anand Sahib Pauree 17-20

pivqu hoey sy jnw ijnI hir iDAwieAw ]

pavit ho-ay say janaa jinee har Dhi-aa-i-aa.

Those humble beings who meditate on the Lord become pure.

hir iDAwieAw pivqu hoey gurmuiK ijnI iDAwieAw ]

har Dhi-aa-i-aa pavit ho-ay gurmukh jinee Dhi-aa-i-aa.

Meditating on the Lord, they become pure; as Gurmukh, they meditate on Him.

pivqu mwqw ipqw kutMb sihq isau pivqu sMgiq sbweIAw ]

pavit maataa pitaa kutamb sahit si-o pavit sangat sabaa-ee-aa.

They are pure, along with their mothers, fathers, family and friends; all their companions are pure as well.

khdy pivqu suxdy pivqu sy pivqu ijnI mMin vswieAw ]

kahday pavit sunday pavit say pavit jinee man vasaa-i-aa.

Pure are those who speak, and pure are those who listen; those who enshrine it within their minds are pure.

khY nwnku sy pivqu ijnI gurmuiK hir hir iDAwieAw ]17]

kahai naanak say pavit jinee gurmukh har har Dhi-aa-i-aa. ||17||

Says Nanak, pure and holy are those who, as Gurmukh, meditate on the Lord, Har, Har. ||17||

krmI shju n aUpjY ivxu shjY shsw n jwie ]

karmee sahj na oopjai vin sahjai sahsaa na jaa-ay.

By religious rituals, intuitive poise is not found; without intuitive poise, skepticism does not depart.

nh jwie shsw ikqY sMjim rhy krm kmwey ]

nah jaa-ay sahsaa kitai sanjam rahay karam kamaa-ay.

Skepticism does not depart by contrived actions; everybody is tired of performing these rituals.

shsY jIau mlIxu hY ikqu sMjim Doqw jwey ]

sahsai jee-o maleen hai kit sanjam Dhotaa jaa-ay.

The soul is polluted by skepticism; how can it be cleansed?

mMnu Dovhu sbid lwghu hir isau rhhu icqu lwie ]

man Dhovahu sabad laagahu har si-o rahhu chit laa-ay.

Wash your mind by attaching it to the Shabad, and keep your consciousness focused on the Lord.

khY nwnku gur prswdI shju aupjY iehu shsw iev jwie ]18]

kahai naanak gur parsaadee sahj upjai ih sahsaa iv jaa-ay. ||18||

Says Nanak, by Guru's Grace, intuitive poise is produced, and this skepticism is dispelled. ||18||

jIAhu mYly bwhrhu inrml ]

jee-ahu mailay baahrahu nirmal.

Inwardly polluted, and outwardly pure.

bwhrhu inrml jIAhu q mYly iqnI jnmu jUAY hwirAw ]

baahrahu nirmal jee-ahu ta mailay tinee janam joo-ai haari-aa.

Those who are outwardly pure and yet polluted within, lose their lives in the gamble.

eyh iqsnw vfw rogu lgw mrxu mnhu ivswirAw ]

ayh tisnaa vadaa rog lagaa maran manhu visaari-aa.

They contract this terrible disease of desire, and in their minds, they forget about dying.

vydw mih nwmu auqmu so suxih nwhI iPrih ijau byqwilAw ]

vaydaa meh naam utam so suneh naahee fireh ji-o baytaali-aa.

In the Vedas, the ultimate objective is the Naam, the Name of the Lord; but they do not hear this, and they wander around like demons.

khY nwnku ijn scu qijAw kUVy lwgy iqnI jnmu jUAY hwirAw ]19]

kahai naanak jin sach taji-aa koorhay laagay tinee janam joo-ai haari-aa. ||19||

Says Nanak, those who forsake Truth and cling to falsehood, lose their lives in the gamble. ||19||

jIAhu inrml bwhrhu inrml ]

jee-ahu nirmal baahrahu nirmal.

Inwardly pure, and outwardly pure.

bwhrhu q inrml jIAhu inrml siqgur qy krxI kmwxI ]

baahrahu ta nirmal jee-ahu nirmal satgur tay karnee kamaanee.

Those who are outwardly pure and also pure within, through the Guru, perform good deeds.

kUV kI soie phucY nwhI mnsw sic smwxI ]

koorh kee so-ay pahuchai naahee mansaa sach samaanee.

Not even an iota of falsehood touches them; their hopes are absorbed in the Truth.

jnmu rqnu ijnI KitAw Bly sy vxjwry ]

janam ratan jinee khati-aa bhalay say vanjaaray.

Those who earn the jewel of this human life, are the most excellent of merchants.

khY nwnku ijn mMnu inrmlu sdw rhih gur nwly ]20]

kahai naanak jin man nirmal sadaa raheh gur naalay. ||20||

Says Nanak, those whose minds are pure, abide with the Guru forever. ||20||

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