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Anand Sahib Pauree 25-28

gur kw sbdu rqMnu hY hIry ijqu jVwau ]

gur kaa sabad ratann hai heeray jit jarhaa-o.

The Word of the Guru's Shabad is a jewel, studded with diamonds.

sbdu rqnu ijqu mMnu lwgw eyhu hoAw smwau ]

sabad ratan jit man laagaa ayhu ho-aa samaa-o.

The mind which is attached to this jewel, merges into the Shabad.

sbd syqI mnu imilAw scY lwieAw Bwau ]

sabad saytee man mili-aa sachai laa-i-aa bhaa-o.

One whose mind is attuned to the Shabad, enshrines love for the True Lord.

Awpy hIrw rqnu Awpy ijs no dyie buJwie ]

aapay heeraa ratan aapay jis no day-ay bujhaa-ay.

He Himself is the diamond, and He Himself is the jewel; one who is blessed, understands its value.

khY nwnku sbdu rqnu hY hIrw ijqu jVwau ]25]

kahai naanak sabad ratan hai heeraa jit jarhaa-o. ||25||

Says Nanak, the Shabad is a jewel, studded with diamonds. ||25||

isv skiq Awip aupwie kY krqw Awpy hukmu vrqwey ]

siv sakat aap upaa-ay kai kartaa aapay hukam vartaa-ay.

He Himself created Shiva and Shakti, mind and matter; the Creator subjects them to His Command.

hukmu vrqwey Awip vyKY gurmuiK iksY buJwey ]

hukam vartaa-ay aap vaykhai gurmukh kisai bujhaa-ay.

Enforcing His Order, He Himself sees all. How rare are those who, as Gurmukh, come to know Him.

qoVy bMDn hovY mukqu sbdu mMin vswey ]

torhay banDhan hovai mukat sabad man vasaa-ay.

They break their bonds, and attain liberation; they enshrine the Shabad within their minds.

gurmuiK ijs no Awip kry su hovY eyks isau ilv lwey ]

gurmukh jis no aap karay so hovai aykas si-o liv laa-ay.

Those whom the Lord Himself makes Gurmukh, lovingly focus their consciousness on the One Lord.

khY nwnku Awip krqw Awpy hukmu buJwey ]26]

kahai naanak aap kartaa aapay hukam bujhaa-ay. ||26||

Says Nanak, He Himself is the Creator; He Himself reveals the Hukam of His Command. ||26||

isimRiq swsqR puMn pwp bIcwrdy qqY swr n jwxI ]

simrit saastar punn paap beechaarday tatai saar na jaanee.

The Simritees and the Shaastras discriminate between good and evil, but they do not know the true essence of reality.

qqY swr n jwxI gurU bwJhu qqY swr n jwxI ]

tatai saar na jaanee guroo baajhahu tatai saar na jaanee.

They do not know the true essence of reality without the Guru; they do not know the true essence of reality.

iqhI guxI sMswru BRim suqw suiqAw rYix ivhwxI ]

tihee gunee sansaar bharam sutaa suti-aa rain vihaanee.

The world is asleep in the three modes and doubt; it passes the night of its life sleeping.

gur ikrpw qy sy jn jwgy ijnw hir min visAw bolih AMimRq bwxI ]

gur kirpaa tay say jan jaagay jinaa har man vasi-aa boleh amrit banee.

Those humble beings remain awake and aware, within whose minds, by Guru's Grace, the Lord abides; they chant the Ambrosial Word of the Guru's Bani.

khY nwnku so qqu pwey ijs no Anidnu hir ilv lwgY jwgq rYix ivhwxI ]27]

kahai naanak so tat paa-ay jis no an-din har liv laagai jaagat rain vihaanee. ||27||

Says Nanak, they alone obtain the essence of reality, who night and day remain lovingly absorbed in the Lord; they pass the night of their life awake and aware. ||27||

mwqw ky audr mih pRiqpwl kry so ikau mnhu ivswrIAY ]

maataa kay udar meh partipaal karay so ki-o manhu visaaree-ai.

He nourished us in the mother's womb; why forget Him from the mind?

mnhu ikau ivswrIAY eyvfu dwqw ij Agin mih Awhwru phucwvey ]

manhu ki-o visaaree-ai ayvad daataa je agan meh aahaar pahuchaava-ay.

Why forget from the mind such a Great Giver, who gave us sustenance in the fire of the womb?

Es no ikhu poih n skI ijs nau AwpxI ilv lwvey ]

os no kihu pohi na sakee jis na-o aapnee liv laav-ay.

Nothing can harm one, whom the Lord inspires to embrace His Love.

AwpxI ilv Awpy lwey gurmuiK sdw smwlIAY ]

aapnee liv aapay laa-ay gurmukh sadaa samaalee-ai.

He Himself is the love, and He Himself is the embrace; the Gurmukh contemplates Him forever.

khY nwnku eyvfu dwqw so ikau mnhu ivswrIAY ]28]

kahai naanak ayvad daataa so ki-o manhu visaaree-ai. ||28||

Says Nanak, why forget such a Great Giver from the mind? ||28||

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