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Anand Sahib Pauree 9-12

Awvhu sMq ipAwirho AkQ kI krh khwxI ]

aavhu sant pi-aariho akath kee karah kahaanee.

Come, Beloved Saints, let us speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.

krh khwxI AkQ kyrI ikqu duAwrY pweIAY ]

karah kahaanee akath kayree kit du-aarai paa-ee-ai.

How can we speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord? Through which door will we find Him?

qnu mnu Dnu sBu sauip gur kau hukim mMinAY pweIAY ]

tan man Dhan sabh sa-up gur ka-o hukam mani-ai paa-ee-ai.

Surrender body, mind, wealth, and everything to the Guru; obey the Order of His Will, and you will find Him.

hukmu mMinhu gurU kyrw gwvhu scI bwxI ]

hukam mannihu guroo kayraa gaavhu sachee banee.

Obey the Hukam of the Guru's Command, and sing the True Word of His Bani.

khY nwnku suxhu sMqhu kiQhu AkQ khwxI ]9]

kahai naanak sunhu santahu kathihu akath kahaanee. ||9||

Says Nanak, listen, O Saints, and speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord. ||9||

ey mn cMclw cqurweI iknY n pwieAw ]

ay man chanchlaa chaturaa-ee kinai na paa-i-aa.

O fickle mind, through cleverness, no one has found the Lord.

cqurweI n pwieAw iknY qU suix mMn myirAw ]

chaturaa-ee na paa-i-aa kinai too sun man mayri-aa.

Through cleverness, no one has found Him; listen, O my mind.

eyh mwieAw mohxI ijin eyqu Brim BulwieAw ]

ayh maa-i-aa mohnee jin ayt bharam bhulaa-i-aa.

This Maya is so fascinating; because of it, people wander in doubt.

mwieAw q mohxI iqnY kIqI ijin TgaulI pweIAw ]

maa-i-aa ta mohnee tinai keetee jin thag-ulee paa-ee-aa.

This fascinating Maya was created by the One who has administered this potion.

kurbwxu kIqw iqsY ivthu ijin mohu mITw lwieAw ]

kurbaan keetaa tisai vitahu jin moh meethaa laa-i-aa.

I am a sacrifice to the One who has made emotional attachment sweet.

khY nwnku mn cMcl cqurweI iknY n pwieAw ]10]

kahai naanak man chanchal chaturaa-ee kinai na paa-i-aa. ||10||

Says Nanak, O fickle mind, no one has found Him through cleverness. ||10||

ey mn ipAwirAw qU sdw scu smwly ]

ay man pi-aari-aa too sadaa sach samaalay.

O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever.

eyhu kutMbu qU ij dyKdw clY nwhI qyrY nwly ]

ayhu kutamb too je daykh-daa chalai naahee tayrai naalay.

This family which you see shall not go along with you.

swiQ qyrY clY nwhI iqsu nwil ikau icqu lweIAY ]

saath tayrai chalai naahee tis naal ki-o chit laa-ee-ai.

They shall not go along with you, so why do you focus your attention on them?

AYsw kMmu mUly n kIcY ijqu AMiq pCoqweIAY ]

aisaa kamm moolay na keechai jit ant pachhotaa-ee-ai.

Don't do anything that you will regret in the end.

siqgurU kw aupdysu suix qU hovY qyrY nwly ]

satguroo kaa updays sun too hovai tayrai naalay.

Listen to the Teachings of the True Guru - these shall go along with you.

khY nwnku mn ipAwry qU sdw scu smwly ]11]

kahai naanak man pi-aaray too sadaa sach samaalay. ||11||

Says Nanak, O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. ||11||

Agm Agocrw qyrw AMqu n pwieAw ]

agam agocharaa tayraa ant na paa-i-aa.

O inaccessible and unfathomable Lord, Your limits cannot be found.

AMqo n pwieAw iknY qyrw Awpxw Awpu qU jwxhy ]

anto na paa-i-aa kinai tayraa aapnaa aap too jaanhay.

No one has found Your limits; only You Yourself know.

jIA jMq siB Kylu qyrw ikAw ko AwiK vKwxey ]

jee-a jant sabh khayl tayraa ki-aa ko aakh vakhaana-ay.

All living beings and creatures are Your play; how can anyone describe You?

AwKih q vyKih sBu qUhY ijin jgqu aupwieAw ]

aakhahi ta vaykheh sabh toohai jin jagat upaa-i-aa.

You speak, and You gaze upon all; You created the Universe.

khY nwnku qU sdw AgMmu hY qyrw AMqu n pwieAw ]12]

kahai naanak too sadaa agamm hai tayraa ant na paa-i-aa. ||12||

Says Nanak, You are forever inaccessible; Your limits cannot be found. ||12||

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