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Asa di Vaar: :Pauri 6

pauVI ] (466-7)



ibnu siqgur iknY n pwieE ibnu siqgur iknY n pwieAw ] (466-7, Awsw, mÚ 1)

bin satgur kinai na paa-i-o bin satgur kinai na paa-i-aa.

Without the True Guru, no one has obtained the Lord; without the True Guru, no one has obtained the Lord.

siqgur ivic Awpu riKEnu kir prgtu AwiK suxwieAw ] (466-8, Awsw, mÚ 1)

satgur vich aap rakhi-on kar pargat aakh sunaa-i-aa.

He has placed Himself within the True Guru; revealing Himself, He declares this openly.

siqgur imilAY sdw mukqu hY ijin ivchu mohu cukwieAw ] (466-8, Awsw, mÚ 1)

satgur mili-ai sadaa mukat hai jin vichahu moh chukaa-i-aa.

Meeting the True Guru, eternal liberation is obtained; He has banished attachment from within.

auqmu eyhu bIcwru hY ijin scy isau icqu lwieAw ] (466-9, Awsw, mÚ 1)

utam ayhu beechaar hai jin sachay si-o chit laa-i-aa.

This is the highest thought, that one's consciousness is attached to the True Lord.

jgjIvnu dwqw pwieAw ]6] (466-10, Awsw, mÚ 1)

jagjeevan daataa paa-i-aa. ||6||

Thus the Lord of the World, the Great Giver is obtained. ||6||

slok mÚ 1 ] (466-10)

salok mehlaa 1.

Shalok, First Mehl:

hau ivic AwieAw hau ivic gieAw ] (466-10, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich aa-i-aa ha-o vich ga-i-aa.

In ego they come, and in ego they go.

hau ivic jMimAw hau ivic muAw ] (466-10, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich jammi-aa ha-o vich mu-aa.

In ego they are born, and in ego they die.

hau ivic idqw hau ivic lieAw ] (466-11, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich ditaa ha-o vich la-i-aa.

In ego they give, and in ego they take.

hau ivic KitAw hau ivic gieAw ] (466-11, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich khati-aa ha-o vich ga-i-aa.

In ego they earn, and in ego they lose.

hau ivic sicAwru kUiVAwru ] (466-12, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich sachiaar koorhi-aar.

In ego they become truthful or false.

hau ivic pwp puMn vIcwru ] (466-12, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich paap punn veechaar.

In ego they reflect on virtue and sin.

hau ivic nrik surig Avqwru ] (466-12, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich narak surag avtaar.

In ego they go to heaven or hell.

hau ivic hsY hau ivic rovY ] (466-12, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich hasai ha-o vich rovai.

In ego they laugh, and in ego they weep.

hau ivic BrIAY hau ivic DovY ] (466-13, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich bharee-ai ha-o vich Dhovai.

In ego they become dirty, and in ego they are washed clean.

hau ivic jwqI ijnsI KovY ] (466-13, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich jaatee jinsee khovai.

In ego they lose social status and class.

hau ivic mUrKu hau ivic isAwxw ] (466-13, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich moorakh ha-o vich si-aanaa.

In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise.

moK mukiq kI swr n jwxw ] (466-14, Awsw, mÚ 1)

mokh mukat kee saar na jaanaa.

They do not know the value of salvation and liberation.

hau ivic mwieAw hau ivic CwieAw ] (466-14, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-o vich maa-i-aa ha-o vich chhaa-i-aa.

In ego they love Maya, and in ego they are kept in darkness by it.

haumY kir kir jMq aupwieAw ] (466-15, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-umai kar kar jant upaa-i-aa.

Living in ego, mortal beings are created.

haumY bUJY qw dru sUJY ] (466-15, Awsw, mÚ 1)

ha-umai boojhai taa dar soojhai.

When one understands ego, then the Lord's gate is known.

igAwn ivhUxw kiQ kiQ lUJY ] (466-15, Awsw, mÚ 1)

gi-aan vihoonaa kath kath loojhai.

Without spiritual wisdom, they babble and argue.

nwnk hukmI ilKIAY lyKu ] (466-15, Awsw, mÚ 1)

naanak hukmee likee-ai laykh.

O Nanak, by the Lord's Command, destiny is recorded.

jyhw vyKih qyhw vyKu ]1] (466-16, Awsw, mÚ 1)

jayhaa vaykheh tayhaa vaykh. ||1||

As the Lord sees us, so are we seen. ||1||

mhlw 2 ] (466-16)

mehlaa 2.

Second Mehl:

haumY eyhw jwiq hY haumY krm kmwih ] (466-16, Awsw, mÚ 2)

ha-umai ayhaa jaat hai ha-umai karam kamaahi.

This is the nature of ego, that people perform their actions in ego.

haumY eyeI bMDnw iPir iPir jonI pwih ] (466-17, Awsw, mÚ 2)

ha-umai ay-ee banDhnaa fir fir jonee paahi.

This is the bondage of ego, that time and time again, they are reborn.

haumY ikQhu aUpjY ikqu sMjim ieh jwie ] (466-17, Awsw, mÚ 2)

ha-umai kithhu oopjai kit sanjam ih jaa-ay.

Where does ego come from? How can it be removed?

haumY eyho hukmu hY pieAY ikriq iPrwih ] (466-17, Awsw, mÚ 2)

ha-umai ayho hukam hai pa-i-ai kirat firaahi.

This ego exists by the Lord's Order; people wander according to their past actions.

haumY dIrG rogu hY dwrU BI iesu mwih ] (466-18, Awsw, mÚ 2)

ha-umai deeragh rog hai daaroo bhee is maahi.

Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.

ikrpw kry jy AwpxI qw gur kw sbdu kmwih ] (466-18, Awsw, mÚ 2)

kirpaa karay jay aapnee taa gur kaa sabad kamaahi.

If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru's Shabad.

nwnku khY suxhu jnhu iequ sMjim duK jwih ]2] (466-19, Awsw, mÚ 2)

naanak kahai sunhu janhu it sanjam dukh jaahi. ||2||

Nanak says, listen, people: in this way, troubles depart. ||2||

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