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Baarah Maahaa :Aasaarh


AwswVu qpMdw iqsu lgY hir nwhu n ijMnw pwis ]

aasaarh tapandaa tis lagai har naahu na jinna paas.

The month of Aasaarh seems burning hot, to those who are not close to their Husband Lord.

jgjIvn purKu iqAwig kY mwxs sMdI Aws ]

jagjeevan purakh ti-aag kai maanas sandee aas.

They have forsaken God the Primal Being, the Life of the World, and they have come to rely upon mere mortals.

duXY Bwie ivgucIAY gil peIsu jm kI Pws ]

duyai bhaa-ay viguchee-ai gal pa-ees jam kee faas.

In the love of duality, the soul-bride is ruined; around her neck she wears the noose of Death.

jyhw bIjY so luxY mQY jo iliKAwsu ]

jayhaa beejai so lunai mathai jo likhi-aas.

As you plant, so shall you harvest; your destiny is recorded on your forehead.

rYix ivhwxI pCuqwxI auiT clI geI inrws ]

rain vihaanee pachhutaanee uth chalee ga-ee niraas.

The life-night passes away, and in the end, one comes to regret and repent, and then depart with no hope at all.

ijn kO swDU BytIAY so drgh hoie Klwsu ]

jin kou saaDhoo bhaytee-ai so dargeh ho-ay khalaas.

Those who meet with the Holy Saints are liberated in the Court of the Lord.

kir ikrpw pRB AwpxI qyry drsn hoie ipAws ]

kar kirpaa parabh aapnee tayray darsan ho-ay pi-aas.

Show Your Mercy to me, O God; I am thirsty for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan.

pRB quDu ibnu dUjw ko nhI nwnk kI Ardwis ]

parabh tuDh bin doojaa ko nahee naanak kee ardaas.

Without You, God, there is no other at all. This is Nanak's humble prayer.

AwswVu suhMdw iqsu lgY ijsu min hir crx invws ]5]

aasaarh suhandaa tis lagai jis man har charan nivaas. ||5||

The month of Aasaarh is pleasant, when the Feet of the Lord abide in the mind. ||5||

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