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Baarah Maahaa : Maghar


mMiGir mwih sohMdIAw hir ipr sMig bYTVIAwh ]

manghir maahi sohandee-aa har pir sang baith-rhee-aah.

In the month of Maghar, those who sit with their Beloved Husband Lord are beautiful.

iqn kI soBw ikAw gxI ij swihib mylVIAwh ]

tin kee sobhaa ki-aa ganee je saahib maylrhee-aah.

How can their glory be measured? Their Lord and Master blends them with Himself.

qnu mnu mauilAw rwm isau sMig swD shylVIAwh ]

tan man ma-oli-aa raam si-o sang saaDh sahaylrhee-aah.

Their bodies and minds blossom forth in the Lord; they have the companionship of the Holy Saints.

swD jnw qy bwhrI sy rhin iekylVIAwh ]

saaDh janaa tay baahree say rahan ikaylarhee-aah.

Those who lack the Company of the Holy, remain all alone.

iqn duKu n kbhU auqrY sy jm kY vis pVIAwh ]

tin dukh na kabhoo utrai say jam kai vas parhee-aah.

Their pain never departs, and they fall into the grip of the Messenger of Death.

ijnI rwivAw pRBu Awpxw sy idsin inq KVIAwh ]

jinee raavi-aa parabh aapnaa say disan nit kharhee-aah.

Those who have ravished and enjoyed their God, are seen to be continually exalted and uplifted.

rqn jvyhr lwl hir kMiT iqnw jVIAwh ]

ratan javayhar laal har kanth tinaa jarhee-aah.

They wear the Necklace of the jewels, emeralds and rubies of the Lord's Name.

nwnk bWCY DUiV iqn pRB srxI dir pVIAwh ]

naanak baaNchhai Dhoorh tin parabh sarnee dar parhee-aah.

Nanak seeks the dust of the feet of those who take to the Sanctuary of the Lord's Door.

mMiGir pRBu AwrwDxw bhuiV n jnmVIAwh ]10]

manghir parabh aaraaDhanaa bahurh na janamrhee-aah. ||10||

Those who worship and adore God in Maghar, do not suffer the cycle of reincarnation ever again. ||10||

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