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Baarah Maahaa :Phalgun


Plguix Anµd aupwrjnw hir sjx pRgty Awie ]

fulgun anand upaarjanaa har sajan pargatay aa-ay.

In the month of Phalgun, bliss comes to those, unto whom the Lord, the Friend, has been revealed.

sMq shweI rwm ky kir ikrpw dIAw imlwie ]

sant sahaa-ee raam kay kar kirpaa dee-aa milaa-ay.

The Saints, the Lord's helpers, in their mercy, have united me with Him.

syj suhwvI srb suK huix duKw nwhI jwie ]

sayj suhaavee sarab sukh hun dukhaa naahee jaa-ay.

My bed is beautiful, and I have all comforts. I feel no sadness at all.

ieC punI vfBwgxI vru pwieAw hir rwie ]

ichh punee vadbhaagnee var paa-i-aa har raa-ay.

My desires have been fulfilled-by great good fortune, I have obtained the Sovereign Lord as my Husband.

imil shIAw mMglu gwvhI gIq goivMd Alwie ]

mil sahee-aa mangal gaavhee geet govind alaa-ay.

Join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of rejoicing and the Hymns of the Lord of the Universe.

hir jyhw Avru n idseI koeI dUjw lvY n lwie ]

har jayhaa avar na dis-ee ko-ee doojaa lavai na laa-ay.

There is no other like the Lord-there is no equal to Him.

hlqu plqu svwirEnu inhcl idqIAnu jwie ]

halat palat savaari-on nihchal ditee-an jaa-ay.

He embellishes this world and the world hereafter, and He gives us our permanent home there.

sMswr swgr qy riKAnu bhuiV n jnmY Dwie ]

sansaar saagar tay rakhi-an bahurh na janmai Dhaa-ay.

He rescues us from the world-ocean; never again do we have to run the cycle of reincarnation.

ijhvw eyk Anyk gux qry nwnk crxI pwie ]

jihvaa ayk anayk gun taray naanak charnee paa-ay.

I have only one tongue, but Your Glorious Virtues are beyond counting. Nanak is saved, falling at Your Feet.

Plguix inq slwhIAY ijs no iqlu n qmwie ]13]

fulgun nit salaahee-ai jis no til na tamaa-ay. ||13||

In Phalgun, praise Him continually; He has not even an iota of greed. ||13||

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