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Bhatt Gyand had composed thirteen Swaiyas, all in praise of Guru Ramdas the 4th Guru. He starts with Guru Nanak and says that the Spirit of Lord Krishna had taken a new form and was incarnated in Guru Nanak Dev. He calls him an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and according to him, the same spirit is transformed from one Guru to the other. According to him this process is like a candle, which carries the chain of light to the other candle just with its touch. Bhatt Gyand is important because it is he who wrote for the first time about the continuity of the spirit and transmigration of soul, from 1st. Guru onwards. Another speciality of Bhatt.Gyand is that he used the word 'WAHEGURU' for the first time in Sikh poetry.

It is worth mentioning that prior to Bhatt Gyand, the word, 'Waheguru' does not seem to have been used in the Sikh scriptures. The credit goes to him for introducing the maiden impression which later on became the motif or the mainstay of Sikh ethos.

Specimen of the poetry of Bhatt Gyand

Hail be the Guru, the wonderful and the beautiful Lord, Lotus-eyed, sweet-tongued, accompanied by a host of friends, To whom mother Yashodha fed with curd and rice.

Whose wondrous beauty, always bewitched the mother. When he was away at play, bells of his belt, twinkled And their silvery sound enchanted her.

He was the one who held the pen of destiny in his hand And was the master of an overpowering command.

Even Shiva and Brahma cherished his wisdom and poise in their heart. He is the True, Everlasting and the Primal Being.

Hail be the Guru, the wonderful and the beautiful Lord. (1-6) will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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