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The Guru's injunctions on the Sikh Form

  1. As I see the Guru my turban is much exalted (Guru Ram Das)
  2. Only with the turban on, is the human appearance complete (Guru Arjan)
  3. The Sikh who cuts his hair, is a cheat; Such a cheat would never gain my blessing. (Sau Sakhi)
  4. Comb your hair twice, both in the morning and evening; Wear your turban in a smooth and straight style. (Khalsa Rahit Nama)
  5. Send away that hypocrite who wants To have Amrit without uncut hair For initiation, nothing is more important Than the hair and the form. Honour will come to my Sikh; Who abides by form and hair. (Suraj Parkash)
  6. He who lives up to the Sikh form; Is really my Sikh. He is my master and I am his follower. (Guru Gobind Singh)
  7. As long as Khalsa remains distinctive; I shall bestow glory on it. (Guru Gobind Singh)
  8. The Khalsa is my own image; And I shall always manifest myself in the Khalsa. The Khalsa is my body and soul; The Khalsa is the life of my life, The Khalsa is my perfect Lord; The Khalsa is my brave friend. I say nothing untrue and to this; Guru Nanak, united with God, is my witness. (Guru Gobind Singh)
  9. He is of the Khalsa, who is absorbed in God's name. He is of the Khalsa, who is devoted to the Guru. He is of the Khalsa, who speaks evil of no one. He is of the Khalsa, who conquers evil passions. He is of the Khalsa, who stands by the oppressed. He is of the Khalsa, who does not covet another's wife or wealth. He is of the Khalsa, who rides a fiery steed. He is of the Khalsa, who fights in the vanguard He is of the Khalsa, who is hard as steel. He is of the Khalsa, who destroys the evil doer. He is of the Khalsa, who keeps his shape complete. He is of the Khalsa, who dies for his faith. (Sikh Rahit Nama)
  10. Letter of Guru Gobind Singh ~ written in June 1699 A.D. to The Sikhs of Kabul (Afghanistan).
Through the grace of one immortal true Lord;
To the entire Sangat of Kabul ;.

The Guru will be your support for ever. I am much pleased with you all. You must take baptism of the sword from five; keep your hair uncut -- this is the seal of the Guru. Never be complacent about the pair of shorts and the sword. Always wear on your wrist a steel bracelet, keep your hair neat and clean and comb it twice a day. You are never to take meat prepared from animals killed by being bled slowly. Never use tobacco. Never have any connection whatsoever with those who kill baby daughters or celebrate the cutting of children's hair. Do not ever sit in the company of secretive and corrupt priests. Always read and recite the hymns of the Guru. Meditate on the Name of the wonderful Lord - God alone. Keep the symbols of the faith as the Guru has told you. The entire Sangat has my blessing.

Jeth 26, Sammat 1756 Bikrami.

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