Friday, November 24, 2017
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Misra Commission Report


Representation of victims:While deponents were being cross-examined, constant complaints used to be received of interference and harassment at all the three places. Some of the victims stated that they were threatened by the local police, rioters of the locality as also others and were told not to appear before the Commission . In view of the grievance made and the multiplying complaints, the Commission had to send its officers from the Investigating Team to different areas with a view to generating confidence in the victims and the summoned deponents in the main. On several occasions the Commission had even to direct police protection to be provided to persons who had been or were about to be examined before it.

The Commission indicated to the parties appearing before it that while it would look into all the affidavits filed before it -- whether the deponent was cross-examined or not ---- and if the deponent was cross-examined , take the evidence also into consideration, it suggested that some of the events covered by the affidavits could also be investigated by its Agency. On behalf of the victims a good number of incidents were given covering Delhi, Kanpur and Bokaro and the Investigating Agency made thorough inquiries and submitted reports, the conclusions whereof have been supplied to the parties. Reference to the reports of the Investigating Agency is made in another part of this Report.

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