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Misra Commission Report



Though the question of rehabilitation of the riot victims was not within the strict purview of the references to the Commission, out of humanitarian consideration, with a view to easing the tension to facilitate the inquiry and for helping generation, and/or restoration, of mutual trust, the commission took certain steps at all the three places of inquiry. As a result of such steps relief and rehabilitation of the following nature has been secured :

A. . At Bokaro and Chas :

(i) Death compensation has been enhanced from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20,000 and the additional compensation has already been paid :

(ii) For many families who had lost the bread-winner, service for another member has been provided.

(iii) Some of the victims who had lost residential accommodation on account of arson have been provided alternate residence:

(iv) Some insurance claims which had been repudiated have now been entertained.

(v) Bank facilities have been extended in some genuine cases :

(vi) State Government has agreed to provide 1/4 acre of land for locating a Gurudwara demolished during the riots.

(Vii)Death -cum-retirement benefits of several employees in public sector undertakings to their next of kin have been secured.

Letters from the State Government of Bihar in this connection are in Vol. II, Appendix 19 at pages 78-80.

B. At Kanpur :

(i) Employment for some widow has been secured and/or processed.

( ii) Banking facilities have been extended and insurance claims have been revived.

(iii)Death compensation to next of kin not paid earlier has been arranged.

Letters from the State Government of Uttar Pradesh in this connection are in Vol.II, Appendix 18, pages 71-77.

C. At Delhi :

(i) Accommodations for riot widows has been ensured through Delhi Administration ;

(ii) Quantum of death compensation has been enhanced to Rs .20000 from Rs. 10000 and the same has been disbursed;

(iii) Employment to some youngmen in the families where the bread-winner dead during riot has been secured;

(iv) Banking facilities have been processed.

Letters from the Delhi Administration in this connection are in Vol. II. Appendix 20, pages 81-84.


As in nature, so in society nothing happens without a back drop. In some instances, the back ground is in bold relief, perceptibly clear and prominent : in others it is withdrawn and insignificant. The November 1984 riots were no exception. As has repeatedly been canvassed by the State Administrations, events in Punjab including the Operation Blue Star and its aftermath within and outside the country had led to the generation of a peculiar mood among the vast majority of the people. Perhaps the generated bias against the wrongdoers of Punjab incidents worked to play to the tune of the anti-social element in transforming exhibition of initial indignation into condemnable and beastly behaviour in course of the riots. The background afforded no justification for all this. The identification of every Sikh with the two assassins of Smt. Gandhi is an unpardonable mistake. If , for instance, instead of the assassins being Sikhs they were Hindus, would the country men have behaved the same way ? If not, there was no justification for the riots. The riots have brought about a crack — nay, more than that — perhaps a cleavage cementing of which is posing a serious problem.

The Commission hopes and expects that every group within the Indian Society will soon bestow anxious consideration over the obstinate issue, carefully sift the events and experiences and appropriately mould its conduct again to join the national march ahead by forgetting the unpleasant episodes of the cloudy days and looking forward to bright sunshine ahead.

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