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Misra Commission Report



Allegations were made in several affidavits of the victims that buses were utilised in transporting armed mobs during the riots. The Delhi Transport Corporation owns thousands of buses which are plied on different routes. The Corporation also utilises private buses on the routes. The allegations particularly relating the University area with reference to events of November 1, 1984, were investigated by the Agency. It examined several drivers and conductors and also scrutinised the records of the Corporation. According to the Investigating Agency some buses were as a fact used as alleged but the employees had been cautioned not to disclose that fact to the investigating team. The records of the Corporation, the Agency reported, had been suitably touched up.

In this back drop, the Corporation was called upon to produce the records of November 1, 2 and 3, 1984. In response to notice, Shri Prem Prakash, Additional General Manager of t he Corporation appeared and was examined. From his evidence it appears that the Corporation has 30 depots of buses spread over Delhi and it has the Central Communication Centre close to Pragati Maidan. At this centre, a record showing notings of minute to minute development relating to its buses while out of the depots is maintained. Reliance was placed on this record in support of the Corporation’s stand that its buses were not used for transporting rioters as no such information is recorded. A list of the vehicles taken out on the routes has been made available for inspection from which it appears that in the morning of November 1, 1984, most of the buses went out on their usual routes. Many were taken off the routes in the afternoon and evening. On the 2nd, buses were not put on the routes.

Though the Corporation does not admit use of its buses for movement of rioters, the Commission is prepared to accept the material collected by the Investigating Agency and its conclusion that the route buses were forcibly diverted by the mobs to facilitate their movements and as and when the drivers found any opportunity to escape, they returned to the depot. There is no material to hold that the corporation has extended any assistance to the rioters by allowing its buses to transport the rioters.

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