Thursday, November 23, 2017
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We remember with great sorrow Dr. Alfred D’ Souza, Director of Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, who passed away suddenly. His untimely death is a great loss to the democratic movement. We record our gratitude to him for his interest, guidance, encouragement in starting and continuing with this investigation. We are extremely thankful to Prof. Lotika Sarkar, Mr. Chanchal Sarkar, Dr. Jose Kannanaikal of the Indian Social Institute and Prof. Dalip S. Swamy, Head of the Deptt. of Business Economics, Delhi University for their co-operation and suggestions in preparing this report. A large number of friends and organizations have helped in various valuable ways, namely Mrs. Nirmal, Messrs. Ashok Panda, Ranjan Dwivedi, Tejinder Singh, Laxmi Kant Gaur, K.M. Singh, Vishnu Gupta, Ashok Bharti, Rajat K. Das, Prem Chand, Nagrik Ekta Manch, students of Vidya Jyoti, numerous students of Delhi University and staff of Delhi University.

We received immense assistance from the news and articles published in the Statesman, Indian Express, Jansatta, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Patriot, Surya India. We are grateful to various journalists who fearlessly reported the news of the Delhi carnage. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

The etymology of the term 'gurdwara' is from the words 'Gur (ਗੁਰ)' (a reference to the Sikh Gurus) and 'Dwara (ਦੁਆਰਾ)' (gateway in Gurmukhi), together meaning 'the gateway through which the Guru could be reached'. Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship came to be known as gurdwaras. brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. It has the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Amrit Kirtan Gutka, Bhai Gurdaas Vaaran, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and Kabit Bhai Gurdas . You can explore these scriptures page by page, by chapter index or search for a keyword. The Reference section includes Mahankosh, Guru Granth Kosh,and exegesis like Faridkot Teeka, Guru Granth Darpan and lot more.
Encyclopedias encapsulate accurate information in a given area of knowledge and have indispensable in an age which the volume and rapidity of social change are making inaccessible much that outside one's immediate domain of concentration.At the time when Sikhism is attracting world wide notice, an online reference work embracing all essential facets of this vibrant faithis a singular contribution to the world of knowledge.