Friday, December 15, 2017
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The social and political consequences of the Government's stance during the carnage, its deliberate inaction and its callousness towards relief and rehabilitation are far reaching. It is indeed a matter of grave concern that the government has made no serious inquiries into the entire tragic episode which seems to be so well planned and designed.

It is curious that for the seven hours that the government had between the time of Mrs. Gandhi's assassination and official announcement of her death, no security arrangements were made for the victims.

The dubious role of the politicians belonging to the ruling party has been highlighted in various press reports. The government of Junior Officers.

It is important that we do not fall for this ploy, for our investigation reveals that these are only scapegoats.

The riots were well organised and were of unprecedented brutality. Several very disturbing questions arise that must be answered:

  1. What was the government and the administration doing for seven hours between the time of the assassination and the announcement of Mrs. Gandhi's death?
  2. Why did the government refuse to take cognisance of the reports of the looting and murders and call in the troops even after alerting them?
  3. Why have a few Individual Congress (I) leaders close to the Prime Minister been allowed to arrogate to themselves powers belonging to ministers and officials?
  4. Why was there no joint control room set up and who was responsible for not giving clear and specific instructions to the army on curbing violence and imposing curfew?
  5. Who was responsible for the planned and deliberate police inaction and often active role in inciting the murder and loot?
  6. Who was responsible for the planned and directed arson?
  7. Why were highly provocative slogans (Khun ka badla khun-blood for blood) allowed to be broadcast by Doordarshan during the recording of the mourning crowed at Teen Murti?
  8. Why has the Congress (I) not set up an inquiry into the role of its members in the arson and looting?


  1. A public high level inquiry into the role of government and the ruling party in planning, instigating and executing the riots between October 31 and November first week, and immediate publication of the report of inquiry.
  2. Exemplary punishment of those found guilty by the inquiry committee, according to the law.
  3. A well formulated and clear cut policy on relief and rehabilitation and effective machinery for its immediate implementation. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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