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Dukh Bhanjani Sahib

aubry siqgur kI srxweI ] (619-4, soriT, mÚ 5)

ubray satgur kee sarnaa-ee.

I have been saved, in the True Guru's Sanctuary;

jw kI syv n ibrQI jweI ] rhwau ] (619-4, soriT, mÚ 5)

jaa kee sayv na birthee jaa-ee. rahaa-o.

service to Him does not go in vain. ||1||Pause||

Gr mih sUK bwhir Puin sUKw pRB Apuny Bey dieAwlw ] (619-4, soriT, mÚ 5)

ghar meh sookh baahar fun sookhaa parabh apunay bha-ay da-i-aalaa.

There is peace within the home of one's heart, and there is peace outside as well, when God becomes kind and compassionate.

nwnk ibGnu n lwgY koaU myrw pRBu hoAw ikrpwlw ]2]12]40] (619-5, soriT, mÚ 5)

naanak bighan na laagai ko-oo mayraa parabh ho-aa kirpaalaa. ||2||12||40||

O Nanak, no obstacles block my way; my God has become gracious and merciful to me. ||2||12||40||

soriT mÚ 5 ] (619-9)

sorath mehlaa 5.

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

gey klys rog siB nwsy pRiB ApunY ikrpw DwrI ] (619-9, soriT, mÚ 5)

ga-ay kalays rog sabh naasay parabh apunai kirpaa Dhaaree.

My sufferings have come to an end, and all diseases have been eradicated.

AwT phr AwrwDhu suAwmI pUrn Gwl hmwrI ]1] (619-10, soriT, mÚ 5)

aath pahar aaraaDhahu su-aamee pooran ghaal hamaaree. ||1||

God has showered me with His Grace. Twenty-four hours a day, I worship and adore my Lord and Master; my efforts have come to fruition. ||1||

hir jIau qU suK sMpiq rwis ] (619-11, soriT, mÚ 5)

har jee-o too sukh sampat raas.

O Dear Lord, You are my peace, wealth and capital.

rwiK lYhu BweI myry kau pRB AwgY Ardwis ] rhwau ] (619-11, soriT, mÚ 5)

raakh laihu bhaa-ee mayray ka-o parabh aagai ardaas. rahaa-o.

Please, save me, O my Beloved! I offer this prayer to my God. ||Pause||

jo mwgau soeI soeI pwvau Apny Ksm Brosw ] (619-11, soriT, mÚ 5)

jo maaga-o so-ee so-ee paava-o apnay khasam bharosaa.

Whatever I ask for, I receive; I have total faith in my Master.

khu nwnk guru pUrw ByitE imitE sgl AMdysw ]2]14]42] (619-12, soriT, mÚ 5)

kaho naanak gur pooraa bhayti-o miti-o sagal andaysaa. ||2||14||42||

Says Nanak, I have met with the Perfect Guru, and all my fears have been dispelled. ||2||14||42||

soriT mhlw 5 ] (619-13)

sorath mehlaa 5.

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

ismir ismir guru siqguru Apnw sglw dUKu imtwieAw ] (619-13, soriT, mÚ 5)

simar simar gur satgur apnaa saglaa dookh mitaa-i-aa.

Meditating, meditating in remembrance on my Guru, the True Guru, all pains have been eradicated.

qwp rog gey gur bcnI mn ieCy Pl pwieAw ]1] (619-13, soriT, mÚ 5)

taap rog ga-ay gur bachnee man ichhay fal paa-i-aa. ||1||

The fever and the disease are gone, through the Word of the Guru's Teachings, and I have obtained the fruits of my mind's desires. ||1||

myrw guru pUrw suKdwqw ] (619-14, soriT, mÚ 5)

mayraa gur pooraa sukh-daata.

My Perfect Guru is the Giver of peace.

krx kwrx smrQ suAwmI pUrn purKu ibDwqw ] rhwau ] (619-14, soriT, mÚ 5)

karan kaaran samrath su-aamee pooran purakh biDhaataa. rahaa-o.

He is the Doer, the Cause of causes, the Almighty Lord and Master, the Perfect Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny. ||Pause||

Anµd ibnod mMgl gux gwvhu gur nwnk Bey dieAwlw ] (619-15, soriT, mÚ 5)

anand binod mangal gun gaavhu gur naanak bha-ay da-i-aalaa.

Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord in bliss, joy and ecstasy; Guru Nanak has become kind and compassionate.

jY jY kwr Bey jg BIqir hoAw pwrbRhmu rKvwlw ]2]15]43] (619-16, soriT, mÚ 5)

jai jai kaar bha-ay jag bheetar ho-aa paarbarahm rakhvaalaa. ||2||15||43||

Shouts of cheers and congratulations ring out all over the world; the Supreme Lord God has become my Savior and Protector. ||2||15||43||

soriT mhlw 5 ] (620-1)

sorath mehlaa 5.

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

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