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Dukh Bhanjani Sahib

kir ikrpw hsq pRiB dIny jgq auDwr nv KMf pRqwp ] (825-10, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

kar kirpaa hasat parabh deenay jagat uDhaar nav khand partaap.

Granting His Mercy, God has extended His Hands. He is the Emancipator of the World; His glorious radiance pervades the nine continents.

duK ibnsy suK And pRvysw iqRsn buJI mn qn scu DRwp ]1] (825-11, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

dukh binsay sukh anad parvaysaa tarisan bujhee man tan sach Dharaap. ||1||

My pain has been dispelled, and peace and pleasure have come; my desire is quenched, and my mind and body are truly satisfied. ||1||

AnwQ ko nwQu srix smrQw sgl isRsit ko mweI bwpu ] (825-12, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

anaath ko naath saran samrathaa sagal sarisat ko maa-ee baap.

He is the Master of the masterless, All-powerful to give Sanctuary. He is the Mother and Father of the whole Universe.

Bgiq vCl BY BMjn suAwmI gux gwvq nwnk Awlwp ]2]20]106] (825-12, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

bhagat vachhal bhai bhanjan su-aamee gun gaavat naanak aalaap. ||2||20||106||

He is the Lover of His devotees, the Destroyer of fear; Nanak sings and chants the Glorious Praises of his Lord and Master. ||2||20||106||

soriT mhlw 5 ] (611-11)

sorath mehlaa 5.

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

kir iesnwnu ismir pRBu Apnw mn qn Bey Arogw ] (611-11, soriT, mÚ 5)

kar isnaan simar parabh apnaa man tan bha-ay arogaa.

After taking your cleansing bath, remember your God in meditation, and your mind and body shall be free of disease.

koit ibGn lwQy pRB srxw pRgty Bly sMjogw ]1] (611-12, soriT, mÚ 5)

kot bighan laathay parabh sarnaa pargatay bhalay sanjogaa. ||1||

Millions of obstacles are removed, in the Sanctuary of God, and good fortune dawns. ||1||

pRB bwxI sbdu suBwiKAw ] (611-13, soriT, mÚ 5)

parabh banee sabad subhaakhi-aa.

The Word of God's Bani, and His Shabad, are the best utterances.

gwvhu suxhu pVhu inq BweI gur pUrY qU rwiKAw ] rhwau ] (611-13, soriT, mÚ 5)

gaavhu sunhu parhahu nit bhaa-ee gur poorai too raakhi-aa. rahaa-o.

So constantly sing them, listen to them, and read them, O Siblings of Destiny, and the Perfect Guru shall save you. ||Pause||

swcw swihbu Aimiq vfweI Bgiq vCl dieAwlw ] (611-14, soriT, mÚ 5)

saachaa saahib amit vadaa-ee bhagat vachhal da-i-aalaa.

The glorious greatness of the True Lord is immeasurable; the Merciful Lord is the Lover of His devotees.

sMqw kI pYj rKdw AwieAw Awid ibrdu pRiqpwlw ]2] (611-14, soriT, mÚ 5)

santaa kee paij rakh-daa aa-i-aa aad birad partipaalaa. ||2||

He has preserved the honor of His Saints; from the very beginning of time, His Nature is to cherish them. ||2||

hir AMimRq nwmu Bojnu inq BuMchu srb vylw muiK pwvhu ] (611-15, soriT, mÚ 5)

har amrit naam bhojan nit bhunchahu sarab vaylaa mukh paavhu.

So eat the Ambrosial Name of the Lord as your food; put it into your mouth at all times.

jrw mrw qwpu sBu nwTw gux goibMd inq gwvhu ]3] (611-15, soriT, mÚ 5)

jaraa maraa taap sabh naathaa gun gobind nit gaavhu. ||3||

The pains of old age and death shall all depart, when you constantly sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. ||3||

suxI Ardwis suAwmI myrY srb klw bix AweI ] (611-16, soriT, mÚ 5)

sunee ardaas su-aamee mayrai sarab kalaa ban aa-ee.

My Lord and Master has heard my prayer, and all my affairs have been resolved.

pRgt BeI sgly jug AMqir gur nwnk kI vifAweI ]4]11] (611-16, soriT, mÚ 5)

pargat bha-ee saglay jug antar gur naanak kee vadi-aa-ee. ||4||11||

The glorious greatness of Guru Nanak is manifest, throughout all the ages. ||4||11||

soriT mhlw 5 ] (619-2)

sorath mehlaa 5.

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

sUK mMgl kilAwx shj Duin pRB ky crx inhwirAw ] (619-2, soriT, mÚ 5)

sookh mangal kali-aan sahj Dhun parabh kay charan nihaari-aa.

I have been blessed with peace, pleasure, bliss, and the celestial sound current, gazing upon the feet of God.

rwKnhwrY rwiKE bwirku siqguir qwpu auqwirAw ]1] (619-3, soriT, mÚ 5)

raakhanhaarai raakhi-o baarik satgur taap utaari-aa. ||1||

The Savior has saved His child, and the True Guru has cured his fever. ||1||

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