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Dukh Bhanjani Sahib

iqin sglI lwj rwKI ]3] (623-1, soriT, mÚ 5)

tin saglee laaj raakhee. ||3||

and through it, my honor was totally preserved. ||3||

bolwieAw bolI qyrw ] (623-1, soriT, mÚ 5)

bolaa-i-aa bolee tayraa.

I speak as You cause me to speak;

qU swihbu guxI ghyrw ] (623-1, soriT, mÚ 5)

too saahib gunee gahayraa.

O Lord and Master, You are the ocean of excellence.

jip nwnk nwmu scu swKI ] (623-1, soriT, mÚ 5)

jap naanak naam sach saakhee.

Nanak chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, according to the Teachings of Truth.

Apuny dws kI pYj rwKI ]4]6]56] (623-2, soriT, mÚ 5)

apunay daas kee paij raakhee. ||4||6||56||

God preserves the honor of His slaves. ||4||6||56||

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] (829-5)

bilaaval mehlaa 5.

Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

AwgY pwCY kuslu BieAw ] (829-5, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

aagai paachhai kusal bha-i-aa.

Here, and hereafter, there is happiness.

guir pUrY pUrI sB rwKI pwrbRhim pRiB kInI mieAw ]1] rhwau ] (829-5, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

gur poorai pooree sabh raakhee paarbarahm parabh keenee ma-i-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.

The Perfect Guru has perfectly, totally saved me; the Supreme Lord God has been kind to me. ||1||Pause||

min qin riv rihAw hir pRIqmu dUK drd sglw imit gieAw ] (829-6, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

man tan rav rahi-aa har pareetam dookh darad saglaa mit ga-i-aa.

The Lord, my Beloved, is pervading and permeating my mind and body; all my pains and sufferings are dispelled.

sWiq shj Awnd gux gwey dUq dust siB hoey KieAw ]1] (829-7, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

saaNt sahj aanad gun gaa-ay doot dusat sabh ho-ay kha-i-aa. ||1||

In celestial peace, tranquility and bliss, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord; my enemies and adversaries have been totally destroyed. ||1||

gunu Avgunu pRiB kCu n bIcwirE kir ikrpw Apunw kir lieAw ] (829-7, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

gun avgun parabh kachh na beechaari-o kar kirpaa apunaa kar la-i-aa.

God has not considered my merits and demerits; in His Mercy, He has made me His own.

Aqul bfweI Acuq AibnwsI nwnku aucrY hir kI jieAw ]2]8]124] (829-8, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

atul badaa-ee achut abhinaasee naanak uchrai har kee ja-i-aa. ||2||8||124||

Unweighable is the greatness of the immovable and imperishable Lord; Nanak proclaims the victory of the Lord. ||2||8||124|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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