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Dukh Bhanjani Sahib

nwnk dws Ksim pRiqpwly ]4]2] (801-19, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

naanak daas khasam partipaalay. ||4||2||

O Nanak, the Lord and Master protects and cherishes His slaves. ||4||2||

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] (806-9)

bilaaval mehlaa 5.

Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

crn kml pRB ihrdY iDAwey ] (806-9, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

charan kamal parabh hirdai Dhi-aa-ay.

Within my heart, I meditate on the Lotus Feet of God.

rog gey sgly suK pwey ]1] (806-9, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

rog ga-ay saglay sukh paa-ay. ||1||

Disease is gone, and I have found total peace. ||1||

guir duKu kwitAw dIno dwnu ] (806-10, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

gur dukh kaati-aa deeno daan.

The Guru relieved my sufferings, and blessed me with the gift.

sPl jnmu jIvn prvwnu ]1] rhwau ] (806-10, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

safal janam jeevan parvaan. ||1|| rahaa-o.

My birth has been rendered fruitful, and my life is approved. ||1||Pause||

AkQ kQw AMimRq pRB bwnI ] (806-11, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

akath kathaa amrit parabh baanee.

The Ambrosial Bani of God's Word is the Unspoken Speech.

khu nwnk jip jIvy igAwnI ]2]2]20] (806-11, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

kaho naanak jap jeevay gi-aanee. ||2||2||20||

Says Nanak, the spiritually wise live by meditating on God. ||2||2||20||

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] (806-11)

bilaaval mehlaa 5.

Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

sWiq pweI guir siqguir pUry ] (806-12, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

saaNt paa-ee gur satgur pooray.

The Guru, the Perfect True Guru, has blessed me with peace and tranquility.

suK aupjy bwjy Anhd qUry ]1] rhwau ] (806-12, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

sukh upjay baajay anhad tooray. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Peace and joy have welled up, and the mystical trumpets of the unstruck sound current vibrate. ||1||Pause||

qwp pwp sMqwp ibnwsy ] (806-12, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

taap paap santaap binaasay.

Sufferings, sins and afflictions have been dispelled.

hir ismrq iklivK siB nwsy ]1] (806-13, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

har simrat kilvikh sabh naasay. ||1||

Remembering the Lord in meditation, all sinful mistakes have been erased. ||1||

Andu krhu imil suMdr nwrI ] (806-13, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

anad karahu mil sundar naaree.

Joining together, O beautiful soul-brides, celebrate and make merry.

guir nwnik myrI pYj svwrI ]2]3]21] (806-13, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

gur naanak mayree paij savaaree. ||2||3||21||

Guru Nanak has saved my honor. ||2||3||21||

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] (806-18)

bilaaval mehlaa 5.

Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

sgl Anµdu kIAw prmysir Apxw ibrdu sm@wirAw ] (806-18, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

sagal anand kee-aa parmaysar apnaa birad samHaari-a.

The Transcendent Lord has brought bliss to all; He has confirmed His Natural Way.

swD jnw hoey ikrpwlw ibgsy siB prvwirAw ]1] (806-19, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

saaDh janaa ho-ay kirpaalaa bigsay sabh parvaari-aa. ||1||

He has become Merciful to the humble, holy Saints, and all my relatives blossom forth in joy. ||1||

kwrju siqguir Awip svwirAw] (806-19, iblwvlu, mÚ 5)

kaaraj satgur aap savaari-aa.

The True Guru Himself has resolved my affairs.

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