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Once during his travels Guru Nanak, the First Mahal, reached the Sumer Parbat (mountain) which was the habitat of nine naths and eighty four sidhas, besides sixjatis (celebrated ascetics). Their chief was Guru Gorakh Nath. Guru Nanak called on them and offered his greetings with due courtesy, and invited them to a meeting. The sidhas reciprocated the salutation in the name of the Adi Purkh, and welcomed him, saying "You have obliged us with your visit. This is indeed kind of you."

Then followed Guru Nanak's discourse with Gorakh Nath. The Guru recited Jap ji, the Sidh Gosht, and several other hymns. Gorakh Nath invited the Guru to become a yogi, wear yogi's dress with earrings, and to adopt a guru, for no one should be without a guru. "I am not without guru. I have a Guru," replied Guru Nanak.

"Well, then who is your guru?" asked Gorakh Nath.

"My Guru is the Creator Himself."

'What are His attributes?" questioned Gorakh Nath.

In answer to this question Guru Nanak recited the first sloka of the Japu ji. "True in the beginning (Primal Time), True in all ages; True now and ever will He be True."

After hearing the sloka Gorakh said, "Well, then all the living beings that exist, are also true and eternal. Are they not? Attributes of the Creator and of those created by Him should be the same. Could these be different?"

"Listen, Nath ji, the created beings take birth, and are subject to death. They are subject to pride and attachment. They suffer pain in pursuit of pleasure. They are subject to lust which leads to trouble. Because of their own weakness they are susceptible to vice, and suffer consequences of their deeds, which make them dance like frivolous monkeys. They know no rest or peace. How can such, beings be called true or eternal? The Creator alone is Eternal. His star always shines. He is Immanent and Indivisible. Subtle and Abstruse, He is the Source of all bliss. Maya is His maid. He is Omnipotent. (He does whatever He Wills). He is in every form (Immanent), and He is also aloof from all forms (Transcendent). Such a Creator is Eternal, and none else," replied Guru Nanak.

"Right, if the created beings are not the Creator, they are His sons, and, therefore, must be like Him. There is no difference: between a father and his son.”

“Listen Nath ji at you say is correct. The answer is that all beings are certainly His children. But such sons, as become lunatics, are tied to a pillar, and are given food and water at fixed timings. Son of a king is indeed entitled to throne, but because of lunacy he meets this degrading treatment. His claim to to rule holds, only if he is cured by some physician through proper treatment. In the same way, man because of ignorance, remainsin a state comparable to lunacy. It is only when he follows the teachings of the Perfect Master, & adopts the medcine of virtues, that he becomes one with Brahman, shedding all superstition and ignorance. The attributes of the Lord Father become part of his own nature." Thus ended the discussion with the sidhas. (1) will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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