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Redemption of Tulsan Dassi

(from Nanak Chamatkar – by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh)

One day Mata Tripta ji ( Guru Nanak dev jis Mataji) expounded. "Tulsan go and tell my dear son that the dinner is ready, come and relish it.

Tulsan: "As you direct, Madam."

And she proceeded to Satguru Nanak Dev Jee, the One who had endowed magnificence to world, was seated majestically. The resplendent countenance was so striking that Tulsan could not dare to rouse him. Then, she deliberated, 'If I massage his feet, he may awoke.'

Reflecting, when she touched his feet, in her body she felt a reverberation like an electric current passing through. This tingling sensation diminished the opaqueness of her eyes, she intuited (knew instinctively) that the household offspring had emerged as the Son of the Universe. She envisaged that he was a True Being and was taking part in human drama. She awoke to the heavenly heights. She observed that whole mundane world had transformed, there were no afflictions, no bickering and the criteria of fear had flown away; peace and harmony were encompassing. Aha, the feet, which had twirled her whole concept, she, obliviously, placed her forehead on them. She pressed her eyes on them and beheld: if there was any nucleus of the earth, then it must be there. In perturbation she kissed the feet and her swirling eyes opened up inside a sharp leathery but with soothing enlightenment.

What did she observe: the ship of a Guru's beloved Sikh was going to submerge near Sangladweep and, with full vision of Sri Guru Nanak Dev, he was, both body and soul, in supplication, and Sri Guru Jee, arriving there, was helping him. In the meantime, she noticed that the ship was coming out of danger.

Tulsan, following this wonder of the devotee with his Master, heeded to an inherent articulation, "Nee you, Tulsan Bibi! Be quick. Awaken the Dear Son and get him here." (said Mataji)

Sailing in such a mood, Tulsan suddenly got up, when the Reverend Mother again asked, "My Dear Son is up or not yet."

Tulsan: "Dear Mother! Don't call him Dear Son; call him Beholder of the Universe. He is not in sleep that I can wake him up. Mother! He is salvaging the drowning ship of a human being. I could not dare to rouse him."

Mata Jee: "Well, dear child! Who wouldn't ridicule? The ones who were brought up in our hands? How the time has changed. Are you making fool of us too?"

Lamenting thus the mother went herself and in her absence Bebe Nanaki took the place in the kitchen.

In the meantime, the mother woke up the divine Son and persuaded him to come. She served him meal and said, "Look my Dear Son! If you don't wander around with mendicants, adopt a vocation, sit with splendour in the Panchayat--the council, then, the people won't make fun of us, and won't ridicule. Previously only the outsiders used to, but, now, the servants of our household are indulging in sarcasm."

Satguru Jee: "Dear Mother! Who has uttered to you in disrespect?"

Mother: "Look at her. Tulsan said today, `Who could I wake up? Dear Son was rescuing the ship in the seas.'"

Satguru jee: "Dear Mother, don't mind her. She is an idiotic. Why frown the insane."

Soon hearing this, Bebe(Nanaki) felt the land slipping under her feet, both earth and sky swiveled. With a `Ah' she grieved but alerted herself. She looked all around: Tulsan had become insane.

Next morning, when Sri Guru Jee was in solitary mood, Bebe, the epitome of compassion, implored, "Aye My Dear Brother, you the Godly Soul! Shower benediction on Tulsan."

Satguru Jee: "Bebe, My Dear Sister! Don't be distressed. Nothing has gone wrong with Tulsan. With the worship of the Lord, she will obtain redemption. She will wake up unaffected. The insanity will remain provided she don't slander the boon she had received. She won't become idiotic through anything else. Insane is that who cannot speak in the love of Waheguru. Tulsan has been provided with digestive powder, she will forbear a life of internal happiness."

Bebe, the premier perceiver of the Celestial Soul, expended her thankful obeisance, and Tulsan passed her days blissfully.

charrh eikeeh po urreeaaa(n) nira(n)kaar gur shabadh seheerree ||
Climbing the steps of non-duality they adopt the Word of the formless Guru.

gu(n)gae dhee mat(h)iaaeeai akathh kathhaa visamaadh bacheerree||
They enjoy His ineffable story like they enjoyment by a dumb person of the sweets.

guramukh su kh fal sehaj aleerree ||a||
Through the natural devotion, the gurmukhs attain the fruit of delight.

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