Monday, December 11, 2017
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Sikhs do not Lie

"When practicality is not there in reality, our knowledge is of no worth if we do not practice. – Harbhajan Singh yogi ji

Once a Sikh was put on trial in the court of a Moughal king. King asked the Sikh to tell him his story and then asked the prosecutor to tell his side of the story. He then asked the prosecutor to prove his story so prosecutor brought all the witnesses to prove it. And after that the Moughal king told the Sikh to go away. He asked why? king said you are a Sikh and I trust you. My prosecutor has failed to prove his story and has tried hard to convince me of his story but am no idiot to believe him so easily. You go away and I shall find the truth. Everybody was shocked.

Prosecutor came to the king and asked that he had come for justice and have proved his story on the basis of facts. The king replied there is only ONE fact and that is he is a Sikh and Sikhs do not lie . why do they not lie?. The king said because they are not afraid of death and any person who is not afraid of death cannot lie.

The prosecutor said, well there are other things … King replied "they are not opportunist either". The King continued - First of all in my area the law is that if you are a Sikh you shall be killed and no other punishment or reason is required. The first question we asked was 'who are you? And the Sikh replied "I am a Sikh" second "whose sikh are you" and sikh said "am Guru Gobind Singh jis Sikh'. Don't you understand he invited death right there and further nothing matters. And you have been bringing all this witnesses!!! But for the truth I give you a chance to prove that this man has spoken the truth. I give you 30 days to reaffirm your story and come back. 28 days passed and governor called the king and said that the you were right and the Sikh was telling the truth. The King inquired 'How come you were wrong?' He said we were listening to those who just wanted to please us. 'What about the sikh?.' He was telling the truth, his consciousness and intelligence was telling him to please the Guru. You can call it character, u can call it commitment, reality whatever but its nothing more that what Guru gave to Sikhs – aad sach, jugaad sach, hai bi sach, nanak hosi bi sach.

"We live in ego and save our face, we don't live in Love to save our grace." – Harbhajan Singh yogi ji

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