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Gurdwara Baoli Sahib, Pehowa

guruThis Gurdwara is dedicated to the memory of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. When he came here, the local pandits enjoyed absolute hegemony. They had by their religious tricks kept the people under sway. They would loot the devotees who came to this place. They had made a gold ear-ring of the size of a chariot wheel and thrown it into the river Saraswati. This they would show to the devotees and claim that when the Mata was taking a bath in the river at night, her ear-ring fell into the water and during the course of the night, it grew to such a size. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to know of this, he admonished them by saying that it is fine that by this ruse, the gains from public offerings have multiplied, but just think of the multiplication of the sins of those who use this money to spend on festivities. The pandits had no answer to this. They realized their mistake and sought forgiveness from the Guru. Guru Nanak Dev stayed here for a long time. He spent his time meditating and preaching to the people. Guru Amardass Ji, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji also visited this place. The birth anniversaries of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji are celebrated here.

Gurdwara Baoli Sahib is located on the Ambala-Kaithal Road, near the Bus Stand. It is twenty seven kms from Kaithal, fifty kms from Ambala and twenty seven kms from Kurukshetra.

The Secretary, Management Committee
Gurdwara Baoli Sahib
Tehsil and Post Office Pehowa
District Kurukshetra (Haryana)
Pin 132128
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