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Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi -Kurukshetra



Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi - This Gurdwara dedicated to Guru Harbobind is situated between the railway line and the Pehowa road, about 2 kilometres from the Kurukshetra bus stand. The Guru's princely appearance and armed retinue attracted many pilgrims who were puzzled to know that this warlord-like person was the spiritual successor of the saintly Baba Nanak. But their doubts were dispelled when they listened to the Guru's discourse on the relation between bhakti and shakti (prayer and power). Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi is the premier Gurdwara of Kurukshetra where offices of the local and regional managing committees are located. This is also the most spacious and most magnificent of the local Gurdawaras. Guru ka Langar, sarovar and availability of accommodation for pilgrims is available only at this place.

Originally, the shrine was marked only by a platform. A Gurdwara was raised over it in 1909. After 1947 a large number of Sikhs, uprooted from Pakistan, found temporary refuge here and later settled in villages in this area, then part of Karnal district. Baba Jiwan Singh took up the construction and reconstruction of historical Gurdwaras in the region through kar-seva (collective, free and voluntary service).

The main building, a high-ceilinged congregation hall on a 6 feet high plinth, with a fluted lotus dome above the sanctum where Guru Granth Sahib is seated on a canopied marble seat, is lined all around, with white and streaked marble slabs. All major functions of the year - birth anniversaries of the first, sixth and the tenth Gurus - are held in this Gurdwara. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

The etymology of the term 'gurdwara' is from the words 'Gur (ਗੁਰ)' (a reference to the Sikh Gurus) and 'Dwara (ਦੁਆਰਾ)' (gateway in Gurmukhi), together meaning 'the gateway through which the Guru could be reached'. Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship came to be known as gurdwaras. brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. It has the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Amrit Kirtan Gutka, Bhai Gurdaas Vaaran, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and Kabit Bhai Gurdas . You can explore these scriptures page by page, by chapter index or search for a keyword. The Reference section includes Mahankosh, Guru Granth Kosh,and exegesis like Faridkot Teeka, Guru Granth Darpan and lot more.
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