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Guru Gobind Singh Marg : Journey Anandpur Sahib to Talwandi Sabo

Guruji reached Manuka village after covering the distance of 4 km in the east of lamba Jattpura. Gurudwara in the name of Guru Gobind Singh is in the east of the village. It is Said that Guruji rested here for a while.

Guruji while coming from Manuka, stayed at Metiana for a short respite. This place is at 4.6 km in the west south of Manuke. There is no village around.

This place is at the distance of 5 km in east of Metiana. This village has a Gurudwara in the east of Metiana. This village has a Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh i.e. Gurudwara Gurusar. It said that Guruji stayed here for the night

Takhtupura village is 32 kilometers southeast of Moga a the crow flies. It is approached by road either along Guru Gobind Singh Marg or from Moga via Bagha Purana and Nihal Singhwala or via Lohara on Moga-Barnala road. Takhtupura was sanctified by the visits of the first, sixth and the tenth Gurus. Separate shrines dedicatedone to each of them are there around a sarovar called nanak sar, east of village. The entire complex is also called Nanak Sar.

Guru Gobind Singh on his way from Takhtupura to Dina halted here for some time. One of his finger had gone septic (pakk gai in punjabi) which he got bandaged here, when the commemorative shrine established here came to called Pakka Sahib.

Jand Sahib
This Gurdwara is at about 3 km from Kangar. Guruji rested here under a tree. Earlies this place was a part of Jalal village.

Manna Da Burj
This is a village of Dayalpur which is now Known as Rajgarh. There is a Gurdwara of Guru Gobind Singh ji in the village. Guruji to came here on the walk and village served him as per there might. Manna Da Burj is at about 4 km from the turu of the road,which is going towards Bajakhana.

This place is populated by Phoolwanshi Baba Ala Singh. Guruji came here for hunting and killed a female snake. Gurdwara is in the periphery of the village.

Patto Hira Singh
Its said that Guru Nanak Dev ji came here. Then Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji travelled to this place. Guru gobind Singh ji also rested here for some time. This place is at 13 km in the north of Dina.

It is said that villagers of this place attacked Sikhs. In this attack two Sikhs were killed and villagers took away five horses as well. Next day Sikhs attacked Jalal village and won the fight. Now 'Panch' (five villagers) came for forgiveness. These villagers constructed 'Gurusar'in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh. Guruji came here for Dina .

Bhagta Bhai Ka
Next stop was Bhagta, which was populated of Bhai Behta. When Guruji came here, five sons of Bhai Bhagta (Gurdas,Tara, Bhara, Mohra, Bakhta) served the Master with dedication. Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib ji also came here. This place is at about 268km from Anandpur Sahib and 22km from Bhadaur.

Gandu Ka Theh
There was an old ruin on the lift side of the road which goes to Bajakhana from Bhagta. Now a Gurdwara Gandu Sahib is adjoining there.

It is said that Guru Gobind Singh ji came here from Gandu Sahib. There are two Gurdwara, one is on the out skirt, which is now became the part of Lambhwali village. Dode is at 280 km from Anandhpur Sahib.

The Gurdwara is at 400m east from village. There are three Manji Sahib dedicated to first, sixth And tenth Guru's. It is also called Akalgarh. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh ji came here twice. Once from Jaito and second from Dode.

This Gurdwara is at half km in the north of this village. This historical Gurdwara is known as Tarunna Sahib. One Sadhu came for meeting with Guru Gobind Singh ji and attained salvation.

Kotha Guru
There are two Gurdwara in the name of sixth and tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji came here from Maluka and rested here for a while. This place is only 5 km from away from Maluka.

Vandar village has a Gurdwara in memory of Guru Gobind Singh ji. This village is 4 km of north of Dode is also linked by Bajakhana -Kotkapura road. Some peoples say that Guru ji came here from Bhagta and some said that Guruji came from Dode.

Guruji next stop from Vandar was village Bargari. Guruji came here twice. Gurdwara in the name of Guru Gobind Singh is situated in the east.

Vehbal Kalan
Gurdwara in the name of Guru Gobind Singh ji is situated at a km from village. Tibbi Sahib Gurdwara is adorning this village. Guruji, with his disciples stayed here. People took them to their houses for food in groups. There was a poor sikh,who had on small fruits of 'wan' tree only. He boiled them and offered them to Guruji as food. It is also said that Rai Kolla of this place served him here.

The village now Known as Gurusar was earlier called 'Dhab Jaravan'. There was fort in those days which was in the possession of Kapoora's younger brother Nand Lal. Nand Lal met Guruji here and stayed with Guruji for while. The Gurdwara constructed in the memory of Guruji is Gurusar.Gurusar is about 2.4 km in the east of Bajakhana-Kotkapura road.

Guruji stayed here for many days but there is no Gurdwara. Only Gurusar Gurdwara is around. This place earlier named as Siurasi. This place is at 3.5 km in the name of Kotkapura - Bajakhana road.

Kotkapurais prominent town, 13 km southeast of Faridkot it was founded by Chaudhari Kapura (A Brar Chief) in 1661. When Guruji came from Guru Ki Dhab or Gurusar, Kapura Received Guruji respectfully. But he refused to help Guruji in struggle against the Mughals. There are two Gurdwara in the4 memory of Guru Gobind Singh ji. One is inside the city itself and the other one is on Kotkapura - Jaito road. Kotkapura is at the distance of 30 km from Anandpur Sahib and 55km away from Dina Sahib.

Dhiwan Kalan
This village at the distance of 3 km from Kotkapura Railway Station.Gurudwara in the memory of Guru Gobind Singhji situated at about 200m in the east of village. Guruji stayed in the house of Sodhi Kaul here. On Kaulji's request, Guruji discarded his blue dress and changed to white dress. This place's distance from Anandpur Sahib is 299 km.

Jaito - Gangsar
From Dhilwan Kalan, Guru Gobind Singh ji turned southwards and come to Jaito, 17 km from Kotkapura by rail or road.Gurdwara is situated here fort in the west of the town. He haled near the village pund where this Gurdwara Gurusar is situated. Jaito become famous during the Akali movement of the early 1920's when on agitation called 'Jaito Da Morcha' was lannched during 1923 - 25.

Tibbi Sahib
It is in the east of Jaito. Guruji sent some arrows during his stay here.

People came to know about the martydom of four Sahibzadas at Chamkaur and Sirhind. They also found out about the where abouts of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Sikhs again started uniting and came in flocks to Guruji. Even the Sikhs who were separated from Guruji at Sirsa near Rameana. Sikhs who disowned Guruji at Anandpur Sahib also came for his pardon.

Mallan village is 6 km west of Rameana .Guru Gobind singh alongwith his followers passed through this village. It is said when Guruji was passing though this village one Chaughry Jugraj met them. Sikhs told him not to say any word about Guruji to Mughal forces. He agreed but later it was found that he did in fact betray the Guruji.Gurdwara in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh jiis called Araamsar.

Guri Sanghar
Guruji while going towards 'Khidrane Di Dhab'from Mallan stayed here for while. Story of this place goes like this, that people of this place welcomed Guruji and his disciple with Jaggery. Gurdwara here named 'Guru Sanghar'.

From Guri Sanghar Guruji reached Kaoni, Gurdwara Tambu Sahib is Situated here It is said Guruji stayed here overnight and started his journey again in the morning.

This place is at some distance from Kaoni, on Mukatsar road . Here is a small Gurdwara constructed in the memory of Guruji.

Tibbi Sahib
Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib is about 1 km south west of Sri Darbar Sahib. It marks the mounds where Guru Gobind Singh ji showered arrows on the enemy.

After creating the Mukta's Guruji went to Bajipur via Nange De Sarai,Nothehe,Fatte Sammu and Rohi.

From Muktsar Guruji reached Rupana. Rupana is at about 8 km in south east of Muktsar on the road which goes towards Malaut. There you find Gurdwara Gurusar Rupana. Legend here is that there were three brothers -Khidrana and Dhrana on whose name those place exited. Masand from Bhoondar came to meet Guruji here.

From Rupana Guruji went to Bhoondar. This village is in the east of Rupana and distance from Muktsar Sahib it is at 23 km away. It is said that Guruji stayed here. Now there is a Gurdwara.

From Bhoondar Guruji sojourned towards Gurusar. It is 6 km from Bhoondar via new road. Gurdwara Gurusar is situated here.

Guruji's next halt was at Thehri. This village is 1.5 km from Railway station of Fakkarsar. At 200m east from the village Gurdwara Jand Sahib is situated. Guruji changed his clothes and armours on these trees. There is a Manji Sahib Gurdwara also.

From thehri Guruji reached Chhatiana. A Gurdwara in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh ji is constructed here. Its name is Guptsar. It is said that when Guruji reached here, he was keeping many a salaried soldiers also. They could not be paid for some times. At this place, Bairar soldiers wanted to leave Guru Gobind Singh ji and demand there wages. Guruji exhorted them to wait for sometime, but they showed anxiety. Only the leader of Bairar Dan Singh remained calm and composed. In the meantime a singh brought whole amount of his 'Daswandh' in gold coins. The Guruji distributed those gold coins but Jathedar Dan Singh didn't take money. The remaining coins were buried there only. When Guruji left that place, people tried to get those coins out, but could not find anything. That's why this place is called Guptsar.

On special request of Bhai Dana Guruji, started journey towards his village Mahima Sawi from Chhatiana. He stayed in Ablu in the way which was colonized by Dana in the memory of his Grandfather Ablu. This village is in the north east of village Chhatiana.

Mahima Sawai
This is the native village of Bhai Dana. Guruji come here via Mahima Sarsa in the east of Ablu. Gurdwara Gurusar is situated here.

This place is about 2 km in the east of Mahima Sawai. It's distance from Anandpur Sahib is 453 km. Guruji stayed here, it is said that it was evening when he reached here .So he asked the people sit for Rehras. This place was a desolated place but Guruji's presence made made it busiest place.

Swahib Chand Da Kot
From Lakhisar, Guruji wandered through the near by village and then again gone back to Chhatiana. From here went to 4 km in the east at Kot Sahib Chand. There is pund near the houses,where Guruji tied down his horse . There is Gurdwara in Guruji's memory.

Kot Bhai
This village is at 5 km in south west of Kot Sahib Chand. It's distance from Anandpur Sahib is 424 km, it is 153 km away Damdama Sahib. This place is populated by Bhai Bhagati. Guruji stayed for a while. There are two Gurdwara one is in the village and other one is in the south of the village.

This village has now acquire the status of town.Guruji travelled to the south of Kot Bhai and rested here for a while. Here 4 is a Gurdwara Senior Sahib. This place is at 499 km from Anandour Sahib and 78 km Damdama Sahib.

Rohla Sahib
This place is 4 km from the south of Giddarbaha. This village is called Dane Ka Chak, Gurdwara Rohla Sahib is situated near a pund. Disciple of tilkara hermit, Rohla barber attain martydom here.

This village is south east of Rohla Sahib. This village is at the distance of 12 km from Giddarbaha. A Gurdwara is established here in the memory of Guruji.

This village is at 4 km from in the west-south of Jangirana. A historical Gurdwara is constructed on the place where Guruji stayed.

When Guruji reached here he and his people were welcomed by the village with milk. Guruji got pleased with with the village folks and brought the people into the fold of Sikhism and made them Singh's by initation of 'Amrit', two Sadhu and Budha came to see him and served him.

Kaal Jharani
This please in the east of Bajak on the Bahtinda- Badal road.Guruji came here from Bajak.This place is around 6 km far from Bajak. Legend is that, crow is given salvation by Guruji.

Kot Guru
Guru ji travelled about 12 km from chak Attar Singh is reach here. Gurdwara 'Gurusar' here is made in the memory of Guruji.

Chak Attar singh Wala
Guruji reached here from Jharani. Gurdwara Katarsar is constructed here in the Guruji's memory. Legend is that Guruji, killed a snake with his Katar.

Jassi Bhagwali
This village is in the south - east of Bathinda - Dabhwali road. A historical Gurdwara, Gurdwara Bagsar is adoring in the east of the village. This place is about 534 km from Anandpur Sahib. People of this place offered 'Gur' (Jaggery) to Guruji.

Pakka Kalan
Guruji sojourned to Pakka Kalan which is in the east-south of jassi. Guruji stayed here for a while. Gurdwara Jand Sahib is adjoining to the village.

Chak Hira Singh
When Guruji started towards Talwandi Sabo from Pakka Kalan. He rested in the south east of Pakka Kalan at Chak Hira Singh.There is also a Gurdwara is adorned.

From Chak Hira Singh, Guruji again ventured out to Talwandi Sabo. Legend is that Bhai Dalla came from Talwandi Sabo to received Guruji at village Bangia. Talwandi Sabo is the distance from this village. Bhai Dalla met Guruji under Bangian tree here will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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