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Gurudwara Nanakpuri Sahib Village Tanda

child Gurdwara Nanakpuri Sahib is associated with the first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji who came here during his Uttarakhand Udasi, or travel, in 1514. He came here at the request of Bhai Hara Singh. During those days, the Rohilla Pathans of this area were involved in child trafficking. To end this evil, the Guru performed certain feats. In the guise of a child, he sat on a pile of stones. A Rohilla Pathan caught him and sold him to a merchant for two horses. The merchant set him on the job of scaring away parrots from his garden. But, when the child stepped into the garden, it dried up. The Pathan caught the child again and sold him to a sheep merchant. But, whenever the child touched a sheep with his stick, it would die, only to revive the next time it was touched. The Pathan took the child away and for the third time, sold him to another Pathan who set him to the task of grinding wheat with a hand grinder (chakki). But to his surprise, even after grinding a large quantity of wheat, the amount of flour (atta) that came out was very little. The wives of the Pathan were very upset at this and were angry at the Pathan. He, however, realized his mistake and became a devotee of Guru ji.The child-selling Pathan sold the child yet again for the fourth time to a Khwaja. The Khwaja set him the task of bringing up water from his well and instructed him not to give water to anybody without his permission. However, all the water in the well and nearby rivers and rivulets dried up. At this, the pathans gathered in the mosque and offered prayers to Allah. Guruji then told them that Allah would answer their prayers only if they stopped the practice of child trafficking. On their promising to do so, the water that had dried up began to flow again. The Pathans of Rohelkhand became Guruji's disciples. The main gurpurabs celebrated here are the birthdays of Guru Nanak Dev ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji, the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Dev ji and the festival of Hola Mohalla. Accomodation:A sarai with 35 rooms has been constructed here. It provides good accomodation and is well maintained.

Gurdwara Nanakpuri Sahib is situated in village Tanda, in District Udhamsingh Nagar, near village Guleria about two kms from Karimganj and twelve kms from Bilaspur

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