Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Gurudwara Ratangadh, Nanded

This Gurudwara is situated at about thirteen kilometers towards south from Shri Sachkhand Sahib on the hills of Ratnagiri. It is on the same road on which Gurudwara Nanaksar is located. It is further 3 k.m. away from Nanaksar. This Gurudwara symbolizes last memories of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. When Guru Ji left his body, his khalsa were very disturbed and moved. They were in a deep sorrow and feeling purposeless. After some time Guru Ji revealed himself with his horse and eagle to a saint who resided here. Guru Ji asked the saint to go to Sachkhand and give his message to the khalsa as ‘Do not worry; I will be always with you’. He also advised khalsa for Kirtan and Jap of Satnam in the message.

The saint then went to Sachkhand as per order of Guru Ji and conveyed his message to the khalsa. When people checked that Guru Ji's horse and eagle were not at the stable, they trusted in the message conveyed by the saint.

Sant Baba Nidhan Singh Ji has done karseva for this Gurudwara. Sant Baba Shisha Singh Ji got constructed 8 kilometer long cement road which connects Gurudwara Nanaksar and Ratan Gadh to Nanded – Mumbai highway. He also constructed magnificent arch at the entrance of the road.

Currently Langar Sahib Gurudwara has acres of fertile and cultivated land on both sides of this road. The crops and vegetables grown here are used in the Langar. Few residential rooms have been constructed here for devotees Langar is also served here 24 hrs.

Gurudwara also has huge stable for cattle with all the facilities of their food, water and shelter. Milk produced here is used for Langar at Gurudwara Langar Sahib. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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