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Lot No. 6376 Machap, Mukim Kluang, District Kluang, Johor

Sant Baba Nahar Singh Ji Sunehranwale was born in the village of Daudhar, District Moga, Punjab. He has been involved in community and religious projects for many years. Baba Ji has been instrumental in building numerous schools, colleges, hospitals and Gurdwaras in India, America and Britain.

To keep the spirit of Sikh history, religion and culture alive, Baba Ji has launched a new project in Machap, which is located between the towns of Ayer Hitam and Simpang Renggam along the old highway in the State of Johor.

Eight acres of land were acquired at Machap in 1997 to build an international centre of peace and pilgrimage. When completed, people from around the world would be inspired to converge here and learn about Sikh history, religion and culture.
The main features of this project will be:
(a) The Gurdwara Sach Khand which will be constructed in old Indian architectural style
(b) A museum containing historical artifacts and paintings of the Sikhs
(c) The life history of Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Amardas Ji and Guru Ramdas Ji displayed in dioramas.
(d) A multi-media system narrating Sikh history and traditions in five languages - Gurmukhi, English, Malay, Chinese, and Hindi
(e) Gurbani classes
(f) Training in religious kirtan and ragas
(g) Luxurious gardens, waterfalls and lakes to create a spiritual ambience

Between 20' - 28th November 2002, a total of 30 Akhand Paths were held in Machap. This was followed by the kirtan, katha and prayers. This programme is held annually in November.

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