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(c/o Sardar Manmohan Singh Tharu, No. 209 Jalan Dato Umbi,
Kuala Klawang, 71600 Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

By 1890, there were about 1O Sikh Police personnel in Jelebu under the command of Inspector Hennessey. Due to the efforts of Sergeant Sadhu Singh Tharu, a part of the police barracks was converted into a Gurdwara Sahib for the Sikhs. The Holy Book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, written in the old traditional Rir' without any separation of words, was respectfully placed in the Darbar Sahib on 15th August 1911. This Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji bir is still in existence today and is used occasionally.

The first Akhand Paath prayers were held on 1Oth to the 15th of July 1912 by the Sikhs in Kuala Klawang. The Sikhs as well as the Punjabi speaking Hindus and Muslims from Punjab who resided in the District of Jelebu gave donations, which came to Straits Settlements $456.25. The expenses came to $O77.87 at a time when one dollar went a long way.

By 1928, the Sikh population in Jelebu had declined as many Sikhs left this area. On 9th September 19O2, the remaining Sikh sangat, led by Jamadar Sham Singh, decided to move the Holy Book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, from the Gurdwara Sahib premises in the police barracks to Sardar Hari Singh Tharu's house in Kuala Klawang, Jelebu.

Since 19O2, all the expenses of this Gurdwara Sahib i.e. Water Bills, Electricity Bills, Assessment Bills and renovation expenses have been borne by Sardar Hari Singh's family. Sardar Manmohan Singh Tharu (son of the Late Sardar Hari Singh Tharu) has allocated a special place for the Gurdwara Sahib next to his residence in Kuala Klawang, Jelebu. Sardar Manmohan Singh Tharu and his family are presently taking care of this Gurdwara Sahib.

Bhai Rattan Singh was the first and only Granthi of this Gurdwara Sahib. He was employed as a Granthi in 19O0 at a salary of only Straits Settlements $8.00 a month. He continued to serve in this Gurdwara for nearly 47 years until 1977.

There are presently 5 Sikh families that participate in the religious activities in this Gurdwara Sahib. Prayers by the Sikh Sangat are held here twice in a month on Saturday evening. The donations received by this Gurdwara Sahib are placed in the name of three trustees.

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