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On the 11th of March 1916, the Sikh Sangat of Gopeng and its surrounding areas held a meeting in Gopeng. After much discussion, a Sikh religious body known as the "Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Gopeng" was established. Its main aims were to preach as well as distribute appropriate literature on the Sikh religion to the Sikh community. At the same time, a decision was made to build a Gurdwara Sahib in Gopeng.

The first elected committee of this Sabha comprised of Sardar Diyal Singh, President; Sardar Harnam Singh, Secretary; Sardar Inder Singh, Treasurer; Sardar Bhagwan Singh, Sardar Ganda Singh, Sardar Boor Singh, Sardar Budh Singh, Sardar Santa Singh and Sardar Jewala Singh. At the same time, five Trustees were also appointed; Sardar Diyal Singh, Sardar Harnam Singh, Sardar Ganda Singh, Sardar Boor Singh and Sardar Budh Singh.

On the 12th of March 1917, the Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Gopeng purchased a piece of land in Lawan Kuda, Gopeng for Straits Settlements $2,200.00 to construct the Gurdwara Sahib building. The Gurdwara Sahib building was completed within three months and declared open by the sangat in June 1917. The first Granthi of this Gurdwara Sahib was Bhai Gulab Singh who was paid a salary of $18.00 a month.

Around 1958, the Granthi in this Gurdwara Sahib was Bhai Naranjan Singh Mugalchak, Amritsar. At this time, all the eleven committee members of this Gurdwara Sahib were Sikhs who had originated from the Amritsar region of Punjab.Gradually, most of the Sikh Sangat left for other areas. This Gurdwara Sahib closed in the 1960's. (Note: This brief early history on the Gurdwara Sahib Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Gopeng has been obtained from "Pardesi Gurdawara tha Ithas" by Giani Damodar Singh Ji (1960) in Gurmukhi,

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