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Gurudwara Bhai Buddhu Da Awa, Lahore

This shrine is located on the Lahore-Amritsar (Grand Trunk) road facing the Engineering University. It is said that Bhai Buddhu, a devotee of Guru had started a brick kiln, bug the bricks of his kiln could not be fully backed due to a curse spelled by Bhai Kamlia. Bhai Buddhu prayed to Guru Arjun Dev "Sacchay Patshah bless me!" Guru Dev Ji told him that the curse of a Sikh is final but added that his unbaked bricks would fetch the same price as that of the baked bricks. It so happened that in that year the demand for bricks soared so high that all the bricks of Bhai Buddha were sold. Bhai Buddhu built a Gurdwara as a part of his celebration. For a long time this Guru Sar remained under the control of Mahant of Satlani. Under the Gurdwara act of 1927 AD this came under the control of Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. In 1938 AD when building of Sikh National College was constructed a splendid building for Gurdwara was also built. The building of Gurdwara has collapsed but tomb of Buddhu is being maintained by the Archaeological Department.

This place is situated at Shalimar Road near Gulabi Gate (where the Sikh National College stood). It was earlier the brick klin of Bhai Budhu. Due to the admontition of Bhai Kamliya, the bricks remained raw. When Bhai Budhu went to Guru Arjan Dev for asking what to do, the Guru said that he could not alter what had been utterd by a devout Sikh but assured the Sikh that these bricks would be sold at the discarded price. So much was the demand of the bricks that all the raw bricks were sold. To express his gratitude, Bhai Budhu got a Gurdwara consructed at a place of the klin, out of sheer joy and faith in the Guru. This Gurdwara was managed for a long time by the Mahants of the Satlani. In A.D. 1927, when Sikh National College was established, a magnificent building of this Gurdwara was also erected. This place has been taken over by the Archives after the partition.


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