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Gurudwara Bhai Phero, Distt Kasur


The town woth the name of Bhai Phero is situated at.a distance of Sixty Kilometers from Lahore on Lahore-Multan road. Gurdwara Bhai Phero stands majestically at the end of Local Anarkali Market. The real name of Bhai Phero was Sangtia. Once Sangtia was carrying his oil skins full of ghee to Kartarpur. One of the followers of Guru Har Rai Ji purchased the ghee from him and asked him to collect the money on the following day. Sangtia Ji emptied these oil skins. Next day he found his water-skins still full of ghee like before. Witnessing this miracle he came to Gur Dev Ji and became a follower of Guru Har Rai Ji. Guru Dev Ji converted him and changed his name to "Bhai Phero" which became popular. Guru Dev Ji appointed him as the collector of Nakka area. When misappropriation of funds by the Collectors came to limelight, a thorough check was ordered. It was found that only Bhai 'hero had maintained the account honestly and scru ulously. Guru Ji prayed for the continuation of his langar. Bhai Phero died in this area of Nakka and later a samadh was built there. A town was built around it which became known as Bhai Phero.bhai
The present building of Gurdwara was built by Mahant in collaboration with the local Sangat in 1910 AD. According to the agreement reached on 21st Dec 1922 AD, the responsibility of maintenance of Gurdwara was handed over to Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee by Mahant on 28th December 1922 AD.
The Committee sanctioned a monthly allowance of Rs.400 for the Mahant. On 7 December 1923 AD, manager Jagat Singh and 10 other Sikhs were arrested due to the dispute over the occupation of land, 34 Akalis were arrested on the 2nd of January. Regular arrests were offered from 5th January onwards. The agitation was called off due to a murder which took place on 20th December 1925 AD.
2200 acres of land is attached to the Gurdwara. The building is in good conditioh because the Evacuee Trust Board got it repaired and rebuilt the collapsed roof in 1995 AD. Ten shops adjacent to the Gurdwara have been rented out.
The Samadh of Bhai Phero is located just beside the entrance of the Gurdwara and you have to get down 5 steps to get inside it. Diwan (assembly) Hall is in front of Samadh, where Nishan Sahib remains hoisted.


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