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Gurudwara Chota Nankiana, Nanak Jagir at Satghara, Distt Okara


singh This sacred shrine is related with Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Although it is located at a considerable distance from the Satghara town of Okara district yet it is always linked to this town. It can be approached through a metalled road leading from Pattoki to village Megha via Hanjra. This shrine is close to village Megha at a distance of four kilometer from the village. Megha can also be reached from Halla by a road which is also known as Halla Chuchek and it can also lie reached from Satghara via Chuchek.

Guru Nanak Ji had arrived in this village from Alpa. He relieved a money lender from his suffering and created this Shabd:

Branded with a thousand marks of disgrace, Indra cried in shame. Paras Raam returned home crying. Ajai cried and wept, when he was made to eat the manure he had given, pretending it was charity. (Shalok, First Mehl.)

Initially the shrine was built simply but on 31st March 1935 AD the construction of a new building was started and the foundation stone was laid by the following Punj Pyare (Five Dear ones)

1. Sardar Sant Naranjan Singh Ji of Ajitsar. 2. Bhai Sangat Singh Ji of Sangrana Sahib. 3. Bhai Pardhan Singh Ji Ragi of Faroka District Sargodah. 4. Bhai Ram Singh Ji of Montgomery (Sahiwal). 5. Bhai Labh Singh Ji Granthi of Renala Khurd.

The construction was stopped and it remained at the stage reached (in 1947). In the past a big Visakhi fair used to be celebrated but this tradition has now been discontinued.


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