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Gurudwara Patshahi Fifth at Beherwal Distt Kasur


This village, known as Beherwal, is located between Jamber and Pattoki on Lahore-Multan road. You have to get down at Bhonni Kay More bus stop to get to this village. It is a large village and built with baked bricks and cement. Guru Arjun Dev Ji arrived in the village from Jamber.
It was summer and Guru Dev Ji requested Hema Chaudhary for some water to drink. Chaudhary said, "Patshah! this water is brackish. I will fetch sweet water from the village". At this Guru Dev Ji said, "Bhai Hema! this water is sweet!". following the words of Guru Dev, he brought the water from this well and Guru Dev Ji took this water. Afterwards Hema and other people of the village took this water. All of them became happy when they found it to be sweet. Guru Dev Ji said to Chaudhary, "You must keep serving the Sangat". Hema folded his hand and said humbly, "I neither have money nor there is a woman in my house". Guru Ji then asked if there was a widow in the village. The Sangat brought a widow of the village before Guru Dev. Guru Dev Ji ordered, "0 Daughter! Hema is henceforth your husband". At Guru Dev's command she accepted him as her husband. Guru was pleased and he blessed both of them. They ' had children. Hira Singh, a descendant of Bhai Hema, was born in Samvat 1763 and he took Amrit in Samvat 1788. He became the founder and first chief of the Nakai Misl.

Datar Kaur was the sister of the Bhagat Singh, the second chieftain of the Naki Misl. She became the queen of Ranjit Singh from whome the crown prince Maharaja Kharrak Singh was horn. Sardar Ishar Singh a chief of this Misl, embraced Islam and was named Sardar Abdul Aziz. One of his descendants Sardar Arif Nakai, became the chief minister of
A Gurdwara was built at the spot where Guru had sweetened the brackish water. The Gurdwara now houses the offices of Union Council. The sacred well and the acacia tree are still there in the right hand corner of Gurdwara.

Prakash does not take place in this Gurdwara at present. The roofs have collapsed. Overall view is that of destruction. 39 ghumaon land has been granted by Mai Bishan Kaur and 3.5 gllumaon has been bestowed by another devotee. A fair used to be held on 7th of Poh. The Samadh of Chaudhary Hem Raj is in the fields on the left of Gurdwara. It is a golden page in the history of this village.


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