Friday, November 24, 2017
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Gurudwara Khara Sahib, Bhaike Mattu Distt Gujranwala


The village by the name Bhaike Mattu is located about two kilometers south-east of the Police Station Noshehra' Virkan of tehsil Gujranwala. The Gurdwara is located just before the entrance to the village.

When Sixth Patshah Guru Hargobind Ji was staying here a man came and sat close to Patshah after prostrating before him. His moustaches had turned yellow due to smoking. Guru Dev Ji asked his name. "Hargobind is my name", he replied. Sat Guru Dev Ji said, "You carry this name yet you commit offense of smoking". He quitted smoking, sought forgiveness for the past deeds and became a disciple o= Guru Dev Ji.

The building of the Gurdwara is very attractive, floors are done in black and white tiles and walls are decorated with paintings of flowers. The ceiling too is decorated in floral designs. Many plaques bearing the name of the people who helped in its repair and maintenance and which tell us that it was constructed in Samvat 1990.

A fair used to be held on the 7th of Saawan.


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