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Gurudwara Lahura Sahib at Ghawindi, Distt Lahore

The village called Ghawindi is on Lahore-Ghawindi road. It is two kilometer from Ghawindi and the shrine of Jagat Guru called Lahura Sahib is located in this village. Guru Nanak had come to this village from "Jahman" and stayed under the benign shade of a Lahura tree, thus the shrine came to be called Lahura Sahib. Lahura tree is also known as Rahura or Rahira. It bears saffron coloured flowers which usually blossom in the spring and its wood is used for making sarangi (a stringed musical instrument) and other musical Instruments.
There used to be a settlement of Gypsies at the time when Gur Dev Ji set foot on this blessed land. A boy was born in one of the families of Gypsies and all were celebrating the event. Bhai Mardana ap ealed to Guru Dev Ji, "Patshah! I am hungry for the last two days, if you permit, I may go to the village to eat food." Gur Dev Ji said, "Mardana, you may go if you like but do not beg for the bread to eat". So Mardana went to the house of family celebrating the event but they had been so involved in their joy that they paid no attention to Bhai Mardana.
It is said that the Divine will was such that the baby boy died and all went into mourning.Guru Dev Ji told them to submit before the Divine will and composed this shabd in Shri Rag whose title is "Pere."

Gurdwara was built over the site Sikhs of the Guru. Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib continued for centuries. The office of the Union Council is housed in it now. Main gate has fallen and Prakashasthan has vanished. Only two rooms have survived in which the offices work. 20 bighas of land is attached to the Gurdwara.


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