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Gurudwara Lal Khoi


This historical well is located in a bazaar inside Mochi Gate. This well was once in Chandu' Haveli (mansion) and there used to be a small cell near this well where Chandu had imprison Guru Arjun Dev Ji after arresting him in 1606 AD. During his detention, Guru Dev Jf used to dri water from this well and also used it for his bath. It is also the place where Guru Dev Ji was put different tortures. In 1619 A.D when Sixth Patshah Ji came to Lahore, Chandu was led by a n string around the city and it was here that a Bharbhonja (one who sells poached grams) killed h' with his ladle.
In the beginning this sacred place was a small place but later Sangat spent money and bough adjacent houses and built the building. Shiromni Parbandhak Committee remained in charge of i care and maintenance from 7927 to 7947 AD and at present it is in custody of Waqf-Board.
There is a shop, 21 canal and 14 marlas of land in the name of Gurdwara in the Khokhar village of Lahore district.


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