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Gurudwara Manji Sahib at Deokay, Pasrur


pasrurJagat Gur Guru Nanak reached Pasrur from Sialkot. Pasrur is the leading town and tehsil of Sialkot District. The place where Guru Ji had stayed is known as Deokay. This Shrine is located on Narowal-Sialkot road, about half a kilometer from the Pasrur railway station. When Nanak Dev Ji reached Pasrur, a renowned Muslim mystic, Mian Mittah, was busy in prayers.

It is said that his real name was not Mian Mittha but because of his soft speech people started knowing him as Mian Mittha Ji. With the passage of time his real name was forgotten. Guru

Nanak Ji had a discourse with Mian Mittha at this place. Mian Mittha said:
Pehla Nao Khudai da, doja Nao Rasool - Nanak Kdlma je pare tan dargah paway kabul. Guru Ji replied
Pehla Nao Khudai da, dar d.: iii Rasool - Sheikha niat ras kar to dargah paway kabul.

pasrurThe place where this discourse took place was known as "Kotla Mian Mittha" but later Deoka became popular name. Once Dek stream used to flow close to it but now it has shifted course. There is very big garden of bair. and one gate of the garden is on Narowal-Pasrur road. There is a big pond just beside the gate. At the end of the tank, a simple Manji Sahib (room to keep the Granth Sahib) is built on the right hand side of the tank. It is an elevated platform without any roof but it has a beautiful door. There are three houses behind Manji Sahib. In one of these houses Guru Granth Sahib resided. Bhai Mohan Singh Ji used to clean and maintain the shrine. This shrine is under the occupation of the District Board. The water tank has become a stagnant pond and the Gurdwara too is not in a good condition.


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