Friday, November 24, 2017
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Gurudwara Nanaksar at Sahowal, Distt Sialkot


Sahowal railway station comes after Uggoki while traveling from Sialkot to Sambrial. It is also a bus stop. The village is about 4 km south-west of it. This is a large village and is divided into two parts. Sat Gur Nanak Dev Ji's Gurdwara is about half kilometer inside the village on the eastern side. The building is built like a Hindu temple and that is why eople call it as "Nanak Mandir".
The Parkashasthan is inside this temple with a spire wile there are many residential rooms in a haveli (mansion) like building. Refugees are setted in these rooms now.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji came here from Sialkot and stayed for seven days. There was a pond covering 25 Ghumaons at this place in those days. This Gurdwara is inside that tank. Udasi sadhus were the priests. No land or estate is endowed to this shrine. At present the building is in good condition but nothing can be said about the future.


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