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Gurudwara Rori Sahib, Eminabad


Eminabad, an old town 15 kilometres south of Gujrariwala, is linked to Grand Trunk Road and Eminabad railway station by four-kilometres stretch of metalled road. It has three historical shrines

eminabadGurudwara Rori Sahib, half-a-kilometre northwest of the town, marks the place where once Guru Nanak Dev, probably after the pillage of Eminabad by Babar in 1521, had to stay on a bed of broken stones (rori in Pun jabi). Its central building is a three-storey imposing structure of cut brick work and is pyramidal in design with a rectangular hall adjoining it on one side and a sarovar on the other. There is another separate domed room with a circumambulatory verandah. Eminabad before Partition was known for its week-long Baisakhi fair which included largely attended congregational gatherings of the Sikhs in Gurudwara Rori Sahib as well as the usual fun and a cattle fair.

Eminabad is a famous town of Gujranwala district. Gurdwara Rod Sahib is located by a metalled road one and a half kilometer from the town. Jagat Guru Nanak Sahib had stayed on the seat of pebbles at this place and it was from here that he was taken as a prisoner by the invading armies of Babar, in Samvat 1578.
An imposing Gurdwara has been built over the place. A large pond and other buildings make it more graceful. A large estate worth Rs.5000 per annum and 9 squares of agricultural land is endowed to the Gurdwara from the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh . Visakhi and Kattak Puranmashi festivals used to be held in the past, only Visakhi festival is held now where people from Gujranwala and its adjoining areas participate with fanfare.
The building of the Gurdwara was falling apart but the Govt of Pakistan stemmed the rot by constructing its boundary wall at. a cost of thousands of rupees.


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