Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Gurudwara Tahli Sahib, Ghakka Kotli,Distt Narowal



Ghakka and Kotli are twin villages situated in P.S. Shah Gharib of Tehsil Shakkargarh. Tahli Sahib, the shrine of Sat Guru Har Rai Ji, is in the village Ghakka. It is a beautiful and spacious Gurdwara which is now falling apart. Sat Guru Ji sat beside this Tahli (Shisham tree) under the shade of the bair tree. The shisham has withered away but the bair tree is still there. It was here that Guru Ji blessed a man and released (Mukti) him from rebirth as a rabbit. His samadh is the village "Boa". Guru Ji stayed for a few days by this shisham and under the shadow of the bair tree in recognition of the love expressed by Bhai Fateh Chand Premi. This holy shrine is a memorial of his love and affection. Land measuring 50 bighas and an estate worth rupees one hundred er annum is assigned to it. A fair used to be held on Visakhi. This Gurdwara can be reached by road after getting off at Bagh or Bostan bus stop on Narowal-Shakkargarh road. A mettled road leads to the village. The Gur wara is on the road before the village. Anwar Khan a refugee from Gurdaspur has settled in Gurdwara. The building is in a very bad shape,


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