Monday, December 11, 2017
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Samadh Jamadar Khushal Singh at Lahore


Jamadar Khushal Singh was a Gaur Brahmin of village Akari Pargana of Meerath. The name of his father was Hargobind. He joined the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh as an ordinary sepoy in Samvat 1864 and was placed in Dhaunkal Singh battalion. Seeing his sturdy physique Maharaja Ranjit Singh said (to his courtiers), "Had he been a Sikh!". Learning about Maharaja's wish, he grew his hair long and became a Sikh, thus he became Khushal Singh from Khushal Ram. Gradually lie rose to the rank of Jamadar of the foyer of Maharaja and later got the title of Raja. He died in 1844 AD in Lahore. His Samadh was built in his own garden, outside Masti gate. This is also the eternal abode of his brothers Teja Ram alias Teja Singh, his sons Ram Lal alias Ram Singh.


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