Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Kurbani: Poem Of Sacrifice

Bhai Fauja Singh Ji

O True Guru we will serve your everlasting Sikhi with our every word, thought and deed

We will devote our youth, wealth and all worldly possessions to the cause of the Panth

My body, preserved since childhood, will be sacrificed now the need has arisen

By continuously repeating and sincerely following Gurbani we will get rid of all our evil-mindedness

If you keep you Grace my Graceful Lord, we will sacrifice ourselves limb by limb

We will endeavour to fly the wonderful flag, which marks the treasure of your Naam all over the world

The light of faith that seems to be dwindling will be rekindled with our blood

By forsaking our mind's wisdom O Lord, we will blend our soul with yours

With your divinely ordained faith we will overcome all evil

By sacrificing ourselves we will revive and renovate the fading symbol of our faith

The Khalsa speaks with your Grace; our inner-voice will be heard by all

Sikhi is immortalising nectar and we will serve it with the five Kakkars to our last breath

When all else fails, in the hour of need, we will sacrifice our heads at your altar

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