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A Martyr's Words

Extracts from Bhai Fauja Singh's Letters

Bhai Fauja Singh wrote many letters, which displayed his true love for the Guru and the Khalsa Panth. Here are just a few extracts taken from several letters, which he sent to American Sikhs. The Beads of Truth magazine published many letters written by Bhai Fauja Singh alongside the written experiences of American Sikhs who had been befriended by members of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha in India.

Bhai Fauja Singh enjoyed the Sangat of many American Sikhs. It seems that he felt they were the living manifestation of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's prophecy and its fulfilment. In their eyes he saw the Khalsa Spirit, which had spread its waves even to the citadels of the West. As we read these letters, it becomes clear that Bhai Fauja Singh found it easy to empathise with Gursikhs regardless of their nationality, colour and creed. These Khalsa traits were so embedded within him that they shine through his words.

"It is easy to understand how God and Guru were preparing him for martyrdom, during his editative months in jail. Now let us offer our Ardaas, that we should all take full advantage of the example and spirit he has dedicated to the future of the entire Sikh Panth."

Beads of Truth, Spring 1978.

Letter One

To, Beta Soorya Kaur Ji,

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh!

We are both in Chardi-Kalaa and pray that you may also be in the same ascendant spirit of life. The moment you left us, we began to receive affectionate and spiritual waves from you constantly. We have received your second letter and have both been touched reading it. It represents the very love we expected to receive from you. A real love is that which lasts for ages together.

Life is but a dream and death is coming soon to disturb this illusion. Until and unless we come to such a state of mind and realise death before leaving this body, we will not reach our goal and purpose in this lifetime. The way of life you have adopted is a blessed and auspicious.

If the people of America are not hospitable and cosy, you have been sent to this land by the Great Lord Guru Gobind Singh Ji to teach these people how to live a more cosy life. If my sweet Lord kindly returns you to India by his sweet Will, I will be happy and thank Him, and have an opportunity to learn from and share the Khalsa spirit prevailing within you.

Believe me, Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself has sent such people to all parts of the world, and all these lives will rise in unison and the world will see the beauty and charm of Dharam. Only then will this planet breathe a sigh of relier; free from its sins and problems. Please accept that you are amongst those specially equiPped souls, and that all unexpected and impossible things will be made possible by you.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

Letter Two

To, Beta Soorya Kaur Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Regrettably, we have been very late in writing and replying in response to your letters. We to have been very busy trying to expand the Sikh way of life in the villages near our Khalsa farm. We have been travelling to villages on foot from place to place. People have taken the Guru's Amrit in the hundreds and have promised to live a truthful life; a very large number of people are ready to take Amrit It is in this way that the process has been going on.

People throughout the whole world are tired with various intoxicants and a multitude of sins. They are waiting for an alternative and respite from all these troubles and afflictions. At the moment, only truthful and devoted Sikhs are able to become beacons of light for all these misguided, ruined and wandering people who are currently under the sway of darkness and ignorance. Whilst we are providing nothing but a dim message to these people, we look to you to carry this message of Truth, Love and Infinite light to the rest of the world.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

6th September 1977

Letter Three

To, Our Dear Daughter Soorya Kaur Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We are but four Khalsa from the Khalsa farm contained within this jail. All are happy and content according to me sweet Will of God. The Police have implicated us in a murder case. The whole story you will come to know about in detail when you next visit India. The previous case, me related incident having took place in Amritsar, remains unsettled and yet a new case has commenced.

We are very happy and in Chardi-Kala. Your mother (referring to his wife Bibi Amarjit Kaur) is also in Chardi-Kalaa. All cases win be settled by our Lord and ultimately, we will win just as me moon overcomes me clouds. Clouds can never permanently surround me moon. God has also given us ample time to improve ourselves in this jail. Time is precious so I entreat you to forget everything of this world and enlighten your soul in such a way mat you are imbued with Naam.

This is an actual phenomenon and not merely me 'light' of well-intended thoughts or a figment of overactive imaginations. This light is me beginning of our journey towards me Infinite, so always seek to be absorbed by me Infinite.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

Letter Four

To, Beta Soorya Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I have read your letter. Please do not think mat we have not made concerted efforts to acquit ourselves form all these charges; and so we shall continue doing so in me future. However, if by me will of God I am kept here then that is all right; mere is no harm in it I feel rather blessed here. There is enough regular time for meditation and for various spiritual studies. The walls of this jail cannot confine me spirit and energy flowing from me Khalsa. Khalsa is a bodiless being like a fragrance mat cannot be contained by mere brick walls. I simply pray mat God will bless this fragrance upon me while I am here.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

2nd January 1977

Letter Five

To, Dear Sister Sat Kirpal Kaur Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The created systems of heaven and earth are moving along according to the Grace of God. Those who are imbued by The Truth of His Name become part and parcel of this same vast force.

The Khalsa does not exist under the protection of the S.G.P.C. or the police. The Khalsa is able to face loneliness, separation, hunger, fatigue, the piercing sun and the biting cold. The Khalsa exclaims the Truth; remaining unperturbed if they insult him, ignoring opposition if they oppose him, gets dragged if they drag him and stoned if they stone him.

The Khalsa can cross the mountains of the Himalayas on foot in order to preach in Tibet without any protection. The Khalsa can penetrate the dense forests of Brazil for the same purpose, even if he has to sacrifice his life. The Khalsa does not mind death for the True cause. In fact it is profitable, enjoyable and pleasurable for the Khalsa to give his very life in pursuit of this duty. This is positively healthy, happy and holy for him. (Bhai Fauja Singh is alluding to the 3HO slogan: Healthy, Happy, Holy. The American Sikhs who visited him were members of this American jathebandi).

I wish to be frank and to speak clearly; shun your fears as new arrivals in this strange and new country, amongst this people and their language. You should travel through the villages, from one place to another. People will welcome you everywhere. They may not understand and perhaps even hoot at you due to their misunderstanding or ignorance. Through patience you will be able to remove this malady from their minds. You should keep smiling despite every tense situation.

May God bless you with strength and energy to revitalise your fatherland (Bhai Fauja Singh is referring to the fact that their father Guru Gobind Singh ji lived in India). We welcome you all to this land. I am sure that if a group of two hundred white Khalsa swans accept this mission and travel through villages, it will turn the face of this land towards the acceptance of reality.

In the end to all,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

Your Brother Fauja Singh
District Sudhar Ghar

Letter Six

To, Sister Sat Kirpal Kaur Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The message I want to convey to a/l my friends is this:

I am put into this jail neither by the opposition nor by the Sessions judge, Gurdaspur, but I have been put in jail by Guru Gobind Singh ji only; not to be punished, but to be blessed. It is a period of complete rest, the likes of which we always want.

We cannot avoid, even if we were to try any harder, the battles in life; this includes any imprisonment or death-sentence. If we stop, we are not Sikhs, and if we positively continue the truthful way, we will constantly come across all these occurrences - harassment, fights, battles, imprisonment and death-sentences. Don't feel that the way of the struggle is the path to trouble; rather, the way of the struggle leads us to the secret peace.

Righteousness will stand by you and the 'devil' will disassociate, provided that you are truly righteous. It is then that the game starts. You will gather strength day by day and those who stood by you but were weak will leave you, making your stand and cause even more pure. The weaker devils on the devil's side will leave their master increasing his weakness; ultimately, the devil will be vanquished leaving you victorious in the field-of-play (the battlefield) providing that you continue to make progress.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed his parents, children and all belongings for the Truth. Where are they who did not allow their children to die for the Guru? They are all dead.

It must be understood that time passes with its usual constant speed. Realise the nature of time, its composition. Look at what it really is. Now don't delay your heartfelt and honest beginning, we should sacrifice ourselves otherwise after some time, we will have to repent for our slackness and the duality we failed to understand. Let us be lions, the Singh Sahibs who slaughter the Iamb within their own personality. A constant bliss will prevail and reverberate within our motor and sensory nervous systems.

I assure you that He Himself sends energy in all difficult periods such as struggles, troubles, battles, imprisonments and death-sentences.

In the end I bow to all of you; I welcome all of you. I wish for you yet more purity and with these tears of love, I meet and depart from you and again envision you within a Supreme Peace - an extremely still and heavenly peace.

With love and concern for all,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh - a weak Khalsa
District jail, Gurdaspur

Letter Seven

To, M.S.S. Sardarni Premka Kaur Khalsa, S.S. Gurubanda Singh Khalsa, M.S.S. Ram Das Singh Khalsa and all others

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

You have written that I have been released on bail and am able to serve 'outside' for a while; please refrain from writing this. I never was in jail. Kindly enshrine within your mind that Khalsa is not a body; it is a spirit. The Khalsa operates and vibrates to an equal extent both within jail and outside it

Even the biggest dacoits in this jail were diverted towards and finally into the Khalsa - they made pledges to serve the Khalsa Panth and those who commit like this are released. In this way a stream of positive individuals will leave jail and spread there goodness elsewhere. Don't feel that I will again be imprisoned within a jail. I was never contained within a jail and will never ever be confined to a prison. I am always imprisoned within the jail of my dear father Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. If He so wills, no force can stop the functioning of the Khalsa. Secondly, I want to ensure that you do not feel you are segregated or may be segregated from the Khalsa Panth. You are part of the Khalsa Panth, Harmandir Sahib and Siri Akal Takhat Sahib. The Guru has accepted you and no force can take you away from Him.

Khalsa never intends to conclude; the Khalsa's gait is like that of an elephant's; a large number of dogs bark at him, but he always goes his way undaunted and never hints towards a responsive attack - because he feels that they cannot affect him. Khalsa is a figure of complete confidence and this can never be shattered. Khalsa knows no defeat But this stage comes when one wants to happily sacrifice their life.

I am devoting much of my time to meditation. As a result of this I am amazed that all things required are attained without effort and arrive amidst the hustle and bustle around me. I am certain that the power, organisation, money, command and authority are a result of Naam. If we bear Naam within our hearts all these things will come to you of their own accord. You may use these gifts to spread your ego and personality throughout the world, or you may use all these powers to benefit this planet

As long as the Sikhs stuck to the Guru's instructions regarding spirit, mind and body, they did not see the face of defeat Yet when they left the way of the Guru, they waded into murky waters. After experiencing the reality of life without the Guru's teachings, they again walked the Guru's way and became strong enough to survive as a fully-fledged nation. I place emphasis upon this singular point; live a Khalsa life full of the love for God.

Naam is the key to all organization. I want to write one story about the tenth Master. When in his last war he was stopped by Sarsa Nai (river) there was a bloody battle on the banks. Early in the morning Guru ordered that morning prayers should commence, while a portion of Sikhs continued to defend.

Such a risk proves that our Guru came to this earth primarily to give Naam to the poor and needy people of this country. It is not that he was against the aims of the Khalsa organisation; his forces were Akaal Purkh Ki Fauj, however this organization was made by the will of God. The fundamental point is that we should absorb Naam twenty-four hours a day no matter what the circumstances. This Naam when it finds its way into the hearts of brave people creates legions of saint-soldiers. The Almighty personally accomplishes this task.

In the end I may assure you that with the Grace of God, we will sacrifice our lives for this cause. Every drop of our blood will be shed before you are segregated from the Khalsa Panth. We will bear all troubles with contentment and tranquillity before any harm comes to you in India.

You have also written about the removal of patits (apostates) from the Takhts. At the present moment there are mainly patits at these Takhats. Sure, a time will come when these thrones will be rid of patits, but such ambitions need the purifying tides of pure Khalsa blood. We are preparing the nation with the tone of Naam; very peacefully amidst the rush, very slowly amongst the hurry and most affectionately towards all opposition.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Fauja Singh

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