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Bibi Amaro

Bibi Amaro, elder daughter of Guru Angad and Mata Khivi, is especially remembered in the Sikh tradition for introducing (Guru) Amar Das to Guru Angad whose disciple, and eventually successor in the holy office, he became. She was born in c. 1526 at Khadur Sahib, in presentday Amritsar district of the Punjab, and was married to a nephew of Amar Das at Basarke, now called Basarke Gillan, 11 km southwest of Amritsar. She was known for her piety and had memorized several of Guru Nanak's hymns which she recited every morning, amid her household chores. Once Amar Das happened to listen to a hymn from Bibi Amaro's lips, and felt deeply moved. He desired to see the living successor of Guru Nanak, who had uttered poetry of such vivid spiritual insight. Bibi Amaro escorted him to Guru Angad's presence which he left never again. Bibi Amaro died at Basarke where a shrine built in her honour still exists.

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