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Baba Anand

Baba Anand, was the second son of Baba Mohri and a grandson of GURU Amar Das. He received his name from the Guru himself who also uttered a long hymn in Ramkali measure calling it Anandu. The hymn has since formed an important part of SIKH liturgy. Baba Anand lived up to the time of the Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind (15951644), who held him in high esteem. He once sent messengers, with a palanquin, to escort Baba Anand to Kiratpur. The Guru himself came out to receive him as he arrived. Offerings were heaped up before him by the Guru as well as by the SANGAT. Baba Anand, however, declined saying, "You are the Guruthe same as Guru NANAK and his successors. You alone are competent to receive offerings. I shall not touch them." Baba Anand returned to Goindval where he spent the rest of his days. The palanquin in which he travelled is still kept as a relic at Goindval.


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